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Glitzy's Log

4. April 2071
Glitzy’s Log

Dear Log,

today I finished my work on Fog‘s Tattoo magic. He asked me to help him see into the astral space after first hesitating, I finally promised to help him. I think Fog is a promising Adept himself and he should not rely on the easy way to acquire power, but the hard and slow way that I went. Because every shortcut you take will cost you something that you might not have expected. Magic is a wonderful thing to have, but I learned that it’s biting into your ass the first time you don’t watch it closely.

I started this job here in Seattle with the plan to keep it simple. To work myself up to a position, where I can make money, don’t get personally involved and play my cards right. And here I am. My house is full with guests. Down in my cellar a nun that I barely know and is an acquaintance of Rusty sits and is waiting until the search from her congregation, which seem all to be nuns of the same order that report to the fucking Vatikan. A technomancer that managed to nuke my HCNHIC” which is paranoid frightened of a nuclear war with an AR nuke, a young girl who seems to be a kind of wyrm and her girl-friend, Neil, my son Fynn and a bunch of other people.

No personal involvement my ass.

I really was shocked to meet her. Her name is Ela, but on the street she’s known as Fairy Fay, when I discovered her aura, which was a feathered serpent, so she’s a Drake. A human that can shift into a draconic form and who seems to happen to be a sorceress and an adept, I recon. I was so shocked and nervous that I got cramps and started to sweat, my magic going wild near her. It has calmed down a bit but I am still nervous about her around Fynn. I can’t help it. But maybe this gets better if I know her better.

Back to topic. I managed to create a formula, a nice piece of Tattoo Art for Fog. I collected materials in the near woods and managed to get the rest of it from Rikki’s Rathole. And setting up a magical lodge in my living room wasn’t easy either. So while I said a few weeks ago that I would really need some days off with Neil it’s not looking anything like it.

And not that the days are full of magic and work, there’s more magic around me than in the last years together I guess, even when I was living in Aberdeen in Hong Kong most of the time, where there’s quite a lot of it, this is insane. Neil is working on an Initiation for Fairy Fay and has accepted her as his magical student. So in the night of my Tattoo works, these dreams came to me.

I just have to tell you, for there’s no-one at the moment, which could share this with me.

The first night I was flying over Seattle. I had colorful feathers and large wings and I was floating so easily through the air, that I could have sung joyfully. I started to play in the winds and started to dive. But I was the only thing in the air. No planes around, just nothing. And than from far away, this tower started to rocket towards me. Like zooming in rapidly on my position. And on top of the tower a huge eye like the eye of a snake was sitting, sighting me, then I woke up.

I fetched myself a glass of water and checked if everything was okay with the lodge and the ward of the bunker below. But everything was allright.

The second night I was dreaming again. I was in a field full of raspberries. And I had picked them into my apron, for I was in the clothes of a farmgirl. And between all the black raspberries I found three red ones. Glowing brightly like magic. I turned around, if somebody was watching me, but there wasn’t. Just my house fifty meters away or so. I ate the first red one and it tasted wonderful. I looked around another time and still nobody was watching me, so I ate the second. Before the third one, I hesitated. Maybe they were not meant for me?

So I returned to my house. I found inside my little brother. He was lonely, handicapped and shunned. I gave him my last red raspberry and he soon got better.

I went down the road to the near village to sell all the black berries in my apron. I met the doctor of my village, lying beside of the road. He had an accident with his horse carriage and blood was all over him. I searched but all my magical berries were gone. I fed him some of the black ones but they didn’t help. So I watched him die. And I got very sad.

I went further down the road until I came to the village shop at the entrance of the village. When I entered, all the people I knew were breathing out green gas and were fighting for their breath. I had no other red berry, so I fed the last of my black ones, but it didn’t help. They all died.

I went further down the road until a little leprechaun was meeting me. He stopped, when he spied me and cried out: “Oh! Two of them! How gifted!” And he touched my knee and went on. A spark was jumping over.

I woke up in sweat.

The last night I dreamed that I was in the future. I was flying over the ruins of Seattle and on the top of the Arcology a small red dragon was sitting. Like the one that I painted and that is now on Fogs neck and back. The land all around was scorched, all black and burned. The Space Needle was like being bitten in the middle and fallen over like a chopped tree. The stars were not in their right places and the small dragon was living there all alone. Just going around, searching for something. Doing some magic things and then returning. Waiting.

I woke up again, shivering.

I think I was looking a bit stressed the last days. I hope I wasn’t too cranky. But when Zach blew up that AR Nuke and set HIC into panic so my ritual was nearly disturbed, I could have jumped at his throat. I didn’t. And I would have been so sorry if I did.

But people are nice. Everybody tries to help a bit. Especially Ela is very nice. Even if I am a bit jumpy when she is around. I really can’t tell these dreams anyone, dear Log. I have to talk to someone about this. Something is happening. Something is happening here. With us. With me. Maybe it’s just that I’m a little bit pregnant, but it’s more than that. Okay. Magic and pregnancy launching some weird stuff. But I’m feeling dizzy all day now. That ritual really got into me. But how lovely my idea was, to disinfect the dragon tattoo with chili-oil! That part was really fun. That thing must have burned big time.



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