Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

We did it! We broke into the factory and we stole a ton of chocolate – really a ton. It’s fake chocolate, though, and maybe we’re fucked because of that, but maybe we can sell it anyway. It tastes just like the real thing at least, so that’s good.

Anyway. We planned to disable the lasers on the roof of the factory and then go in quietly, but then Fog came up with the idea to blackmail some of the mercenaries who guard the factory. And he actually pulled it off, two of them, Static and Spider, agreed to help us for a percentage and we decided to frame the other two who are nutjobs anyway. Give them placebos instead of their medication and let them run wild. They also told us that there was a safe in the basement with cocoa beans – that the really valuable stuff, so we had to steal that. Take one of the lasers from the roof and crack the safe with it.

We made it into the factory alright. Kiki helped us by making us invisible and she stayed topside with Jet to load the chocolate onto the Humvee that we planned to steal as well. Fog and I went down into the basement to tackle the safe. Fog because he knows something about engineering and me because I can stand the heat without gear just by turning into a dragon. And I’m agile enough to operate the laser even so. That worked well and we were just ready to go in and see if Static had told the truth when one of the mercenaries came running down the stairs and attacked us. He managed to dodge my fire, but Fog had him down and out cold in no time. We took three crates of beans, even though they looked weird.

Meanwhile, the shit had been hitting the fan big time. Static had shot the main computer and the alarm was up, so we had only ten minutes or so until backup would arrive. The other mercenary was running amok – we had planned for that, but he was a bit more deadly than we had thought. I’m not even sure what happened, but there were some craters in the tarmac, bullet holes everywhere and the Humvee looked a bit worse for wear. Also, the main generator had just exploded and the factory was starting to burn. We all piled into the car and made it out of there just in time. Static had been hit badly and we almost left them behind because Zach said that he suspected that static had been trying to kill us. But in the end, we took them along.

We could hear the helicopter with the backup coming closer and we lost them in the streets with Zach’s help who jammed their sensors. It helped that there was chaos anyway – it was Satellite Day. On some days, satellite parts will rain onto Seattle and that’s always an occasion for wild parties and often looting, especially in Redmond. So the cops had better things to do than look for us and we loaded our chocolate into Kiki’s van and left the Humvee somewhere.

Now we’re lying low at the chemical plant. First, we wanted to sell the chocolate here in Seattle, but Fog called Glitzy and she told us that she had contacts either in China or in Boston. Boston would be better for us since she had the better connections there. But she didn’t sound too pleased to go there. No idea what the story is. She comes from Boston, I think, and so does Neil, so maybe it’s family-wise? But we’ll fly there with her and try and get a good deal for our stuff.

The beans are algae. That’s why the chocolate is fake and that’s why we have to be extra careful selling the stuff. We’ll probably hang onto the beans because when we sell those, the corporation will no longer be able to keep up their scam and I don’t think I want to piss them off even more. For now, they will get insurance money and some press, no biggie. But if people find out their chocolate is fake…



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