Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest


Colm O'Higgins' Log

There’s been talk all over town about some data the Yakuza is chasing. No word about what’s it exactly, but they’re very eager to get their hands no it.

I was delighted to see the data walk right up to me – I have no idea how Father O’Malley got involved in this and I’m not going to ask. But he offered to trade the chip for fake SINs, free travel to the NAN and some spending money for himself and his friends. Plus, his debts will be voided. We can do that, even though they’re not the most inconspicuous group. Apart from Father O’Malley, there’s Marshall Grant (and won’t some of my guys love THAT), a Japanese girl who was the one who got their hands on the data and a ghoul. Well. We’re famous for offering equal opportunities and he seems pretty mellow for a ghoul.

Since I’m buying a pig in a sack – it’s not like I can check all the data for its worth – I asked them to clean up Danny’s Bar and Grill for me. Danny’s not moving on this and I’m not so hot on sending in my own people. Danny’s is bad luck these days. They should be able to handle themselves. Father O’Malley used to hunt vampires. And if they can’t .. well, I haven’t lost all that much. The data would be nice to have, but much of it is up to eighteen months old and I don’t know how useful it still is.



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