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Date Crash

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I’ve heard there are people who can get it done without minor catastrophes, but I guess those are just urban legends.
Thanks toEla and Zach we’ve had a really good layout of the chocolate factory, intel regarding their security and even names, shifts and all that.
That included the knowledge of fucking lasers on the roof.
My first thought was to just let the chocolate fudge itself and snatch the lasers, as, you know, on the black market, a good old military grade laser goes for 6 sweet digits. Sadly, the generator and all the good stuff was located deep in the guts of that facility, so, no dice.
The fun part, though, was to shadow the security rigger.
We did, we did pretty good. And that’s where professionalism punched out and blind improvisation took the wheel.
That guy, callsign Static, was out on a date with his medic to get some sexual healing, I guess.
With the help of Kiki and Zach, though Zach did his best to make things more complicated, as usual, we took out their driver. Kiki cast an Illusion, I waited in the back of the limousine, concealed.
Spirits, this guy was even more helpless in terms of dating than I could ever be. And that’s saying something.
I think I did him a favor by interrupting this trainwreck with a gun.
We talked business, had a little brawl in between which showed them my fine no-bullshit agenda and talked again.
Both wanted a horrendous sum for their inside work…yeah, that was our plan, get the two security mercenaries who aren’t psychos on our side for money.
Worked, kinda, but 1 million wouldn’t cut it. Static pointed out that there was far more valuable stuff in that building than the chocolate and that were the seeds it was made from.
Makes sense? Yes!
And suddenly, we were scoring 10 instead of one million.
The deal was cut and we could plan accordingly.
We’d hit the place from the roof, get the goods onto the Humvee in that hangar while static and Spider, the medic, would keep the other fellows busy.
Problem was the high security safe in the basement where the seeds were stored.
Solid as fuck and wired to the chin. Jet put it in other words, but that’s the gist of it.
But…and now comes the most awesome thing ever:
There was a military grade laser on the roof.
Combine a fire resistant drake, a guy in a fireproof suit, a steel door and a laser…
Zach subdues the alarm and we all get out of there alive and rich.
Can’t wait to try that…

[End Audio]



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