Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

New Flock
- 9 -
Down the Drain

[Start Audio]
[no time stamp]

Busy, busy.
We found a lead to Fairyfay. That’s what our key to wealth calls herself.
Problems, as listed, are:
She’s in a false front asylum run by the Catholic Church.
False front ‘cause they let the girls there do slave labor for orichalcum refinement.
So there’s a good chance we’ll be slain by angels if we try to bail her out by force.
Security is pretty high.
There are friggin barghests.
There are mages inside.
The mana of this place is fucked up by misery so hard that I can’t use any powers that require me to focus on my mojo. Not without serious pain, at least.
And now comes what we can chip in to counter all that shit.
Zach found out who’s their spider and who’s the external doctor on their payroll.
We also have some nice old blueprints that tell us where we can enter that thing without getting eaten by awakened mastiffs:
Through the sewers.
Jet scouted them and ran into two ghouls.
Stan, Nebraska and me bailed him out. This girl keeps impressing me. She’s good survivor material if she makes it through the next couple of years. Kept her cool and sticking to the plan.
The ghoul that cornered Jet behind a barred door was not beyond hope, either.
His name’s Dice. And after a happy meal we got through one of Stan’s contacts, he got a hold of himself again.
The other Meta got dumped into the water by Jet. Dice called her Esmeralda.
Tough luck man, tough luck.
We now also know how the asylum gets rid of the bodies.
By now, we had an Irish talk with the doctor, so Stan could go in there in his stead, so we got a shot at finding the girl. Rusty did seduce the spider, a troubled soul named Charly.
While we’d be in, she’d suffer a nice roofie crash and we got some of her security codes.
He and Nebraska’d stay with the unlucky Doc, while we’d get Fairyfay outta there.
Sounds decent enough to me to get out of this alive.
Zach seemed kinda troubled during planning.
We’d talk about this. Despite all his quirks and lack of common sense…
His terrible, terrible lack of common sense.
Like, really…I don’t know how he survived the last decade without being brutally murdered.
He still had a sense for what was right and what’s wrong. But as much as I’m on the same page as he’s on this one…there was no scenario where we could end this without leaving the place in a body bag, as soon as we tried to stop the atrocities they were committing on a daily basis.
There were too many variables and the stack got bigger, as we found out that there was some kind of charity event going on in the asylum.
And I don’t reckon this is the last obstacle thrown in our way here.
Alright, enough talk.
Time to hit this place.
We’re probably not the best team out here. Hell, most certainly not.
But I’ll get my people through this alive.
Let’s do this.

[End Audio]



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