Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

New Flock

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Now this is fucking huge.
We got in there, and cross my heart and hope to die, the moment we passed the first cam, this became the most magnificent fuck-up I’ve ever seen.
Zach promised he didn’t have anything to do with it. And since his lies are usually hilariously bloated like hell, I believed him.
The whole system went haywire, shit really hit the fan.
We switched gears as fast as we could, using the all-over confusion to our advantage.
Just when we were to enter the elevator to get Stanley and Fairyfay, a friggin Nun came out of the doors.
She didn’t eat our lies about being a security team, so she earned herself a sleepers hold ticket to Knockout-Ville. Then we realized we knew her from recon shots. She was here to…help.
This…call it an epiphany, a crux or emergence.
Use whatever smart word you prefer, I don’t care.
Point is, when this woman was about to go down there and save people, without a plan, without any intend to cause harm or injury, only with good intentions and some serious holy cojones, something clicked.
Something I talked about quite often: I don’t break things. I fix them. And this place needed a lot of fixing.
Since everything went to hell already, why not bail out as many innocents as possible, rather than leaving them to a horrible fate?
Pickin’ up our girl and fetching Stan was something Jet could handle, or so I thought, while Zach, Sister Mary and I were about to do something heroic and/or stupid.
Memo to self: don’t give Zach grenades. He throws them like a moron.
Also, don’t freak out barghests or they cause major carnage.
Also²: Check your fucking motion tracker, idiot.
But spirits, did we kick ass and take names.
We plowed through a security team, and broke right into the lair of the beast.
The Sister was right: this was way more horrible than we had imagined.
Charity? My ass.
Those people were here to fuck the already abused girls.
And I don’t talk about some backwater sickos like in Dreamland‘s trailer. These people were not down and out. They weren’t burned out or miserable existences. They had wealth, power, education…
Respected members of the community, torturing and raping away their evening in some asylum dungeons…I’m not a slayer, but it cost me some willpower to only knock the first two assholes out we encountered instead of just snapping their worthless necks.
But why cut the beast when you can get its head?
Two goons at the end of the hallway. Mary turned out to be a huge asset, as she’s a spellslinger. A silence spell and a well placed shock-grenade later, both were out.
Kicked down doors, took out two more guards…I guess they were eunuchs.
And Carl SonofaBitch Fedderson was that head.
Sitting all mighty and dignified in a huge-ass pile of pillows while getting a blowjob, even blarring the cliched line: Do you have any idea who I am?!
Right back atcha, asshole.
And then the words just came out right. Man, I wish Rook could’ve seen me. Pin point deal-accuracy. Threatening, but not too much, demanding, but not over the top. Fedderson caved in and agreed to the deal.
The girls leave, unharmed, this place gets closed and he and his pervert buddies get to save their hide from the media vultures.
It was no flawless victory.
But we saved fifty innocent people. Did something very right, without getting straight up hunted or killed for it.
Can’t describe how good it felt to get them all onto the bus Rusty borrowed from the Nest.
Kickin’ down doors, taking out the monster and saving princess.
Maybe this is what I’m supposed to do out here after all?

[End Audio]



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