Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Drop Bottom

Personal Log - R. Kowalski

Personal log of Kowalski, Roger

It’s not looking good for me. After the loss of my team in this disaster in the illegal settlement on the Seattle, Redmond landfill, better known as the Rat’s Nest my days have been dark. After three weeks in hospital I got out and was ready for court. Still under suspension I was urged by my company lawyer to resign my duty and keep silence of the affair, else they would charge me with some responsible shit about the four men I lost under my command. I signed that deal because I had no money left to spend on a better lawyer to fight my case.

It’s true I’m on the rocks now, that I was charged for my three weeks of hospital which, my company insurance claimed, were not covered by my contract. Because I was on suspension and not legally on active duty or something. In short, they fucked me both sides.

I have around 16040 Nuyen of cash on my account. With a fat minus in front of it, means I am bankrupt and have to pay the interest for that money too. Means whatever I put on my account will first be swallowed by the negative. The company Bank of America account and an overdraw interest of 5% a month, that’s no official credit because such high interest would be against the law, but they call it the overcharge penalty. Means I owe them around 800 Nuyen a month extra to that money interest. Tried to change it into a regular loan but they said I’m not in monetary condition for a regular loan at the moment.

I have sold my old and trusty Ford America the third day I was out of hospital to pay my rent. But what I got for it was not worth two months of rent and food.

Tried to get a new job. Climbing the ladder down. Desert Storm Security, Len Grubb & Assoc., Wolverine Security didn’t even bother to answer my request, Bloch, Hardford, Jolly Roger, Nightdancer Home Security and Zero-Zone were more or less rejecting me for my “bad reputation” they called it from my former employers, Knight Errant and Hard Corps Security.

Fargo, Olympic Home Defense and Sydney Service are very cheap Rent-A-Cop corporations which concentrate on Home Protection and do not pay much more than 800 bucks a month. I would work for my interests alone. I am not even arguing about my competence as a former lieutenant and have swallowed my pride to just serve the doors for some rich fags a month without food ago.

It’s just that they didn’t leave me much chances. If there wouldn’t been Charleen, I would just have put me a bullet through my head to finish it. But she’s not happy about me hanging around much since weeks. And I got the feeling she will dump me if I don’t get a job soon.

Still I’m waiting for answers from Olympic. I rejected the offer of Petrowski Security, which more or less would force me into implantation of “required cyberware”, which I would have to pay for. Added to my debts I would not look much better than now. Forever. Which is a deal I still won’t accept.

I still have some bullets left and my gun.

Which is something that is looking quite sexy right now. But I’m still looking forward.

Had to give up my flat in Renton, moved in to Charleen’s. But I am feeling I’m getting on her nerves, her flat is not for two people anyway.

Tried to get a job as a bouncer. But nobody needs a bouncer on my old hangout. It’s a Hard Corps hang-around anyway and even if people still recognize me, they don’t like to be seen with me, fearing to share my fate.

I checked out other bars, but had not much luck so far. But I get drunk a lot by this. And it’s harder and harder to resist.

There is still hope left. Checking job agents and agencies. It’s not the bottom.

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