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Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

End Run

Fog's Audios

End Run

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[no time stamp]

We did it.
We’re home.
And we’re filthy rich.
Only my stoic pragmatism makes me accept all this without laughing for a week straight.
Oh, yes, sure, things got crazy at the end.
I jumped on a police car, a police car Stan then friggin’ RAMMED!
Nebraska and I cannonballed my bike through a mall, I got shot, yet again, we stole a horse trailer ‘cause our rides were hot, while our doc dumped the RV in a lake.
THEN we had to go Black Ticket on the Hudson river, but we fucking made it!
We also found out that Jet isn’t a street kid but a drop-out corporate brat and Stan’s the kind of doc who won’t waste your precious tasty organs when you die on his table.
But who gives a fuck who my people once were?
We’re all alive.
It feels so good that all this paid off.
Still, there’s much ahead… I have to talk to so many different people it makes my head swirl.
I gotta take care of the chemical plant as I promised I would, I need to help Neil with Esmeralda’s legs, I need to sort things out with those Gypsies and… I gotta to prepare.
There ain’t no rest for the wicked and even less so for me.
Glow City ain’t gonna wait much longer for me. Each day that passes tips the scales in favor of Crow’s twisted counterpart.
You can say what you want, but this trip was only a test, a means to temper and steel us for what’s to come.
It’s only been three weeks, but me and my people, we grew and it showed that we could lean on each other.
Most of us, at least.
Can’t say what lies ahead and how ugly things will get, how hard life will swing its bat or what surprises it throws.
But I’ll stick to what I’ve said. I’ll get them through this alive.

[End Audio]



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