Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Farm Life

Slicer's Log

Slicer’s busy digging up some potatoes from an overgrown garden, a dilapidated farm house in the background

We’re playing house for a while. We ran into a magical storm on the road and took shelter here. It was pretty short-lived, as those storms go, but it did rain blood. In any case, it’s pretty cozy here, the roof doesn’t leak and the garden has lots of stuff to eat, although it’s been abandoned for a couple of years.

Last night, Random came up with a harebrained scheme to blackmail the stock broker she stole her PDA from. I still think it’s a bad idea. We didn’t discuss that with Frettchen yet. Random befriended a racoon. I promised her not to make dinner of the critter, but Frettchen wasn’t around to hear that and walked in half an hour later with the dead racoon. Random freaked, stole the pickup and got the hell out of Dodge. Frettchen went along for the ride, right through the windshield. I stayed behind and butchered the racoon, I’m not going to let perfectly good meat go to waste.

They were back a couple of hours later. Random picked a room upstairs and that left Frettchen and me with some privacy. We put that to good use, got interrupted by a black bear in the kitchen once, but it took off pretty quickly. I didn’t sleep so well despite the workout and walked for a bit. I feel better when I know that nothing’s around to bother us. Nothing worse than black bears.

Frettchen woke up by the second time I got up and we talked a bit, ended up sitting on the pickup and watching the sunrise. Well, I tried, but I fell asleep and got some good hours of sleep. If this had gotten any more romantic, we probably would have spontaneously combusted or shit, but Random took care of that. She mixed up some kind of smoke grenade and let me tell you, waking up to a lot of smoke, chemical smells and a good helping of not knowing where the fuck I am did a number on me. Next thing I remember, really remember, I’m up in a tree, pointing a gun at Frettchen who’s trying to calm me down. Did a good job, too. I mean, I usually come around sooner or later, but this time it was sooner.

Random came down with German measles and she broke her arm (long story involving the pickup, a stretch of highway and her skateboard), so that deserves some rest. Frettchen and me are okay with having a house and not having Random in our face all the time. So, yeah, we’re staying here for a few days.



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