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Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Feels Like Home

Fog's Audios

New Flock
- 5 -
Feels Like Home

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All’re patched up. But we got nowhere to go. Neil, though, gave us an easy, but what-the-hell-way out.
I like the old man. A fine no-bullshit attitude mixed with a heart fallen into the right place as far as I can tell.
Still sucks that he didn’t invite Trill to the party, but…yeah, I get it.
He offered us to stay in the Rat’s Nest.
I shit you not.
The Rat’s Nest.
That huge heap of garbage where all the Rat shamans are supposed to dwell; if you buy the fuck the media give ya, that is.
Never been there. Rook and I considered it one of the places best avoided. Doctor Neil didn’t seem to bend us over for other than medical reasons, though, so we took the shot.
We also needed a place to get the girls -and Zach, though he…protested… -off their drugs, and a nice comfy container seemed just like the place to put some angry dry harpies for a week or two.
So, all of us, including our own Doc, Stanley grabbed our stuff.
The Nest…well, I thought it would be worse. In fact, after Neil gave us a Tour and some guidelines this seemed like a save haven if I’ve ever seen one. Decent people, clean water, electricity and Matrix grid for fuck’s sake.
Yeah…yeah, I might call this place home for a while.

[End Audio]



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