Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

From Rich to Rag

Glitzy's Log

I know this: never drink a drink that you haven’t mixed yourself. I know that. But Lisa does not. That’s the reason this big white fluffy teddy bear is coming after me and it has a boner. And not Lisa has to deal with that, but me.

I try to get together what I can. My c-ware is broken, it seems. The time from my Math-SPU is standing still for a time, nothing is moving, then suddenly it has lost minutes and I find myself somewhere else in the room. Good thing is, the spiders are gone. They don’t like cold water. Have drowned them all, was nearly dying doing that, but that fuckin’ things are gone. GONE! I look like shit. Both of me. Or what. Tried to eat me. Managed to get into the bath . That’s when my ware broke. Time slips away like water drained soapy floor rainbow colored bubbles in the air and headshake, got to go downstairs. I don’t know where’s the door? Where the fuck is down? It must be the other way than I’m looking. My head hurts since a minute. Was I falling? My pain is yellow.

Okay, I try to concentrate and gety togetherly wherely Ily amly. Amly Emly Analisaly. Analisa. That’s her name.

That’s the mid-teen girl sitting on that kilometer long front stairs of this huge estate. Landing lights are blinking to bring the suborbital planes into the front porch. Then there’s this fuckin’ large foyer, gallery five meters above, two large stairs left and right. Crystal from the ceiling like stalactite in a fuckin’ cavemans mansion. Large as an airport.

We had a talk on the stairs, walking them up for hours. Lisa and me. Lisa? Analisa, Lisa, who am I? No I’m Lisa, not Analisa. Analisa that’s the girl. Wearing jeans and casual wear. Seems nice. Showed me around. The living room huge and if I say huge then I mean that my whole flat, Lisas flat is going easy into my private bathroom. Private rooms later.

Greenhouse ! They have their own wood inside their house ! And they have outside an own park and Analisa showed me a huge field where they were shooting discs into the air and with shotguns you can blam them down. Said I was a lefty, cause I’m not but Lisa is, said I grew up as a righty but during college they told me I’m a lefty so switched. Of cause I’m bad with left but I can fake it. Used this 20 gauge gun, Lisa let me register at the terminal for the guns.

I never use 20 gauge. They call you 20 gauge if they think you’re a virgin and never fucked. On the streets. I don’t use 20 gauge. But Lisa does. Where am I? I’m here. Ha!

Played dumb for a while. Then started to hit the targets. “Pull! Pull! Pull!” Why am I sitting on my bed rowing? Okay, pull, that means the disc go up into the sky like black moons on a white sky. Like wasps the shots hunt them, fly after them, come back to me. They are spiders, that attack me. No! No! No! Spiders all drowned. Cold water! I wet my head. Where is the last minute? Gone. I can’t find the minute. I have dropped it somewhere here. NO! I lost the minute! Shit! Help me find that fucking thing. Must be here somewhere…

Okay, okay. Where was I? Big Penguin was waddling over the green. His name is Jim. Had a button in the ear like the white rabbit with the boner, that’s following me. Told me my commlink was bugged? Yes! Told me it was! Ha! This is where the spiders came from! I knew it! I knew it! No! No! No, they sanitised it. Lost my connection to this hacker. Am alone now. Analisa gave me her old commlink instead.

In violet . She went in violet Violet like the morning sky, halve an hour before sunrise. Like now. Violet and rainbow colored, spiraling over the horizon. Stunning beauty! The sky turns to stand up like a wall. Now my head hurts. Breakfast in fifteen. Clock not working. Maybe powerfailure? That’s why the lights are out outside! Ha! That’s why the fuckin’ sky is black and there’s a rainbow spiral just below the horizon. Is my skirt right? Or am I wrong? Hm. I must be wrong, my skirt is all right. But I’m sticking in it from the wrong side, I guess. Turn around. If I turn the skirt on the left side, will it be on the right side after that?

I better start from the beginning. The beginning. Okay. Dinner. The mother asked a lot of questions, personal questions. She’s the red queen. Heads off! Heads off! I tried to answer. The mid twen girl, that Ice Princess that brought me here her name was Sophie. Her fiance was Harold, not talking too much to me. Not talking at all. But not impolite. Jerry, their cousin was all boner and charming on me. But Lisa is Georges girlfriend! I better keep distance. He’s just a big dick in a suit! Hahahahahihihihi! This is looking funny!

Just stop stupid bitch. You are just remembering, that are just pictures in your head. I got this new commlink, it’s the old one of Analisa. Hermes Icon with pimped up firewall. Fuckin’ awesome for a fifteen year old. Street value about two months living, I guess.

She was looking wasted when sitting on that stairs, said her mother scratched her pocket money. But she had 20k on her account. But that’s not much, she said, she can’t do anything with that. Anything! I said I can live from such money for a year. She disbelieved me. Poor rich girl. Fuckin’ trainwreck she made of me. Yikes! That’s attacking me! I hit it! Die! Die! Die fucking thing! Oh! Oh. That’s just my comb. Okay, that’s harmless. Comb comb comb comb comb comb comb comb. What’s the meaning of comb? Is that a word?

If fuckin’ doing great for the wreck I am. Standing right up. No sky turning upside down. This antitox tablet isn’t working. This stuff is inside my head. Like spiders in a cocoon. In my head! In my heAD! ThAts wheRE thEy arE! No! No! Cold water! Cold WaTer! Drink, driNk! I drown them. Drown. Better, much better. Clear mind. I’m focused. I’m total in focus. Girl! Pull yourself together. Focus yourself. Ommmm fuckin’ oommmmmmmm. Is that a word?

Okay, where was I? What do I remember? I’m in the middle of a run. I have taken drugs. Acid or something. That was on that rave where Analisa took me. After that party. I was going in violet. With my new commlink stripped to my upper leg. I’m sexy. It was the party of the major of Boston or something. I spied my daddy. No. Not Lisa. Not Glitzy. Not Cocoon. Not E-Gee, Glitzy (have I said Glitzy already) not not. Not Pebbles. No never Pebbles again. Ruby. My name is Ruby. No. It’s Lisa. No it’s… WAS was Ruby. Rubys dad. He is a walrus in a suit. Four of his men with him. A big shot in a local trucking company, fucks with the Truckers Union. Hahaha! Told us kids, of cause he was NOT. No he was. But NOT. You understand? Not. All. Harvey his name is. Ruby Stone, I think. Ruby? Isn’t that a stone? Rrrrrrrruuuuubieeee. Rrrrrrrrruuuubieeeee. Funny if you roll the ‘r’. Rrrrrrrrr. Rrrrrrrrr. I’m a plane! Rrrrrrrr! Focus! Where? Daddy.

Tried to avoid him. Like dancing on that reception. Dancing around the dance floor with Analisa as a shield, without her noticing. Dancing around the five stars of doom that I tried to avoid. Daddy knows I’m alive. Told him after ten years gone. Last month I did. No a bit more. But I did. I know he would not bug me if I scratch my right ear. That I’m working but better avoid them, the rest might know me, recognize me. But they would certainly spoil the thing. So I ask her to dodge the party, she is yellus about that! Yellus? Is that a word? Is word a word?

“There’s a party. The Dante.” I asked: “Dantes Inferno?” FUCK! That’s a fuckin edge runner’s club. Okay, it’s a famous club not just edge runners, but I’m such a stupid fuck! Edge? Run? Runners Edge? Is that a word? Edgers Run? Rugers Edun? Drunner Drench? I lost my mind. I lost another minute. No. Five! Where are they? They must be somewhere around here. No. Just this soft floor that is cushioning my feet. That tickles! It’s like I’m carried by ants! That’s it!

I let them carry me to the door. Okay. Door. I said: “The Inferno. You know. Like in the trid.” Dodged that bullet. I’m so professional! I am really cool! Yay! That’s why there are no spiders around! I’m cool! They hate cold water! Hahahahaha! Stop giggling you stupid bitch. Concentrate. Focus. Focus! You have learned that! Focus let yourself flow. Hihihi I’m flowing on the ants! They are dancing!

Okay. Okay. Okay. I’m Focused. There are two guys. Bringing drinks. I know so well don’t drink if you didn’t get them yourself. High plausiblilililil. Lily. I that a word? Lili? Lili? Where was I? Why do I think of Lily? Who the fuck is Lily? Am I Lily? I think I am. Why do I think I’m Lily? I’m not Lily. I’m… FUCK?! WHO AM I?

I lost a minute again. Fuck. It must be somewhere around here. Oh! The carpet is so soft! And so warm! Where was I? Drinks! Drinks! Cold water! Drown them! Cold! Cold! Ahhhh. Cold water. Clear cold water. That’s better. He turned into a werewolf. I said I wanted a Planters Punch. Why did Lily drink a Planters Punch ? Because there was no alcohol in it. Because I am pregnant.

But that thing was speedballing. There has been alc in it. Why didn’t Lily have problems? Who the fuck is Lily? Lililililil! Hihihihihi! That’s funny! I got us out – guys behind us. Chauffeur another penguin with a button in the ear. “We’ve been drugged! Home! Help!” Then inside the limo the white Easter bunny offered me another drink. After that, I don’t remember how I got here. I don’t remember how I got into this pyjama. Into this bed. This pyjama is gray. Soft. It’s like the carpet. But on the skin. I have had carpets on my skin. I wasn’t fucked senseless in some back-room. I call that an epic win! Win! Win! I’m great! I am the defender of the… What do I defend? DEFEND? Is that a word? De is a not. Fend. Fend. Is fend a word? What’s fend? I have no idea. Focus! Girl! Focus. Ommmmmm fucking Ommmmmmm OMMMMMMMM O-M-M-M. OMMMMIFUCKINGGOTH! Cold water! Fucking cold water!

But I didn’t sleep in the bed. Not when the spiders came. I slept in the bath. In the shower. My skin is all soft. Everywhere in the bath were drowned spiders. Hahahah! They didn’t eat me. Who am I? DING? DING? WHAT DING? WHO IS DING? Oh!

Ding! Ding! Hahah! That’s my alarm! Great! Here is the door. I found it. Have I clothing on? Check. Clothing. Not naked. I’m a white dove. I look as fuck. Smile. You are a professional runner. You are on a high stake run. Everything is so fucking rich here. And I’m really fucked. I’m so fucked! Why is this fucking white teddy following me and has a boner? Who is that white bunny?! I better go faster… but my legs don’t move! Legs! Move! Faster! Not slow! Am I running? Where are my shoes? I have it sooo under control…



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