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Gone Fishing

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Back from the Cascades.
What a trip…would ‘literally’ be correct here? I don’t know.
I talked one or the other time about what I’m supposed to do and as far as I recall what I’ve been saying and doing, I lack some serious means of guidance…a less worldly purpose, if you want.
You know, if I want to get the plenty of people I grew fond of to get through the shit we pull off alive, or atone for the ones I lost, I need some backup.
Or frankly: a good team captain, and for some insane reason everyone thinks I’m just that, needs a good coach.
I askedNeil about how he found his totem and how vision quests work. Basically boils down to the favorite mantra of every awakened: pick a nice place, don’t try to force magic and apart from that, good luck figuring drek out yourself.

So, grabbed some stuff to survive, did without my tech and off I went to the cascades. Took Sofia along for the ride as well. For company and someone to talk to.
Memo to self: matches or a lighter. Good stuff. Makes fire.
At least my boyscout skills didn’t fail me and I got by without…
Anyway, the cascades…spirits, what a place. No wonder the natives take the gloves off when sprawl idiots sneak into their land. The water’s clear, the woods unspoiled and the rain won’t peel off the upper layers of your skin.
Astrally…can’t even describe it. By all means, I’m no Eco, but it’s kinda sad to see that all of our planet could look like this and we fucked it up big time instead.

On a more upbeat note, the following days were actually hilarious if you weren’t me. Even though I didn’t get beat up by dryads or something. That would’ve been the icing on the cake….

First I got ambushed by a skunk in the middle of the night.. Call me a coward but I didn’t want that thing to go off in my tent, so I tactically retreated until the bugger left.
So I enjoyed the chill of the night air without my friggin boots, a freaked out little rat in my hood and standing in the most beautiful glade I’ve ever seen.
Spent some hours chasing shadows and got my mind blown by the astral sight of a living forest at night.
Yet, if there was a spirit guide interested in me, he or she didn’t show it clearly enough for my thick skull.
What’s the cool thing to do if the vision doesn’t come to you?
Yep, a good cup of tea.
In hindsight drinking a whole canteen of awakened poplar seed tea was not the best of ideas but it was something.
Shit, apart from my bladder going crazy not much happened. I swear, I was that close to improvise a ghost-dance number, but apparently the spirit world had seen enough entertainment for today.

Crow found me, very much enjoying my efforts, though a bit in doubt I dialed the right number when I called him.
Thing is…I always imagined shamanic talks to be all…I don’t know mystical and stuff. Okay okay, there was that clear sky with more stars than I’ve ever seen, the crackling campfire that popped outta nowhere…But still, this was more like a talk between me and a guy that knew me my whole life with a dash of job interview and blind dating. No hidden or cryptic metaphors.
We talked, he kinda liked me, I was nervous as fuck. It’s hard to tell someone why you want to partner up if he knows all that stuff already, I mean, mustering the guts to actually spell all that out and have it placed in front of you.
All your virtues…and missteps.
But ultimately, Crow did accept me.

I didn’t complain that things were easy for a change and I didn’t doubt when he said he’d let me know if I screwed up.
So after I woke up with the hell of a back-ache and moderately dehydrated in front of my tent I Davie-Crocketed my way back to my bike and the Nest.
Can’t describe how good it felt to accomplish something like that.

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I almost chocked on my breakfast muffin when I saw what my link had for me after a suspicious call.
Could it be that fate played me some good cards this time?
Claiming I kept my calm would be a blatant lie, but at least this time I left a note, did some basic legwork and all that before I followed the lead on Rook someone just threw at me.
Made my dirtbike scream and raced to Yoshiro’s, a sushi-place where you get a shady deal with every meal.
At least this time I wouldn’t get beaten up or something, but I was very cautious anyway.
The guy who called said his name’s Corbie. Looked like one of us but he was not one of Screech’s boys.
He offered a deal: as an old acquaintance of Glitzy, he wanted to have a meeting with her arranged, which is asshole code for: wanna kill and/or capture her, please betray her for me, will you?
In return he’d tell me where my partner is.
Fuck, I’d do anything…really, anything, but…she’d never forgive me if I did that and neither would I.
This guy was probably full of bullshit anyway, right? I mean, come on, everyone around Squatters’ Mall knows I’m looking for her.
This guy was bad news all over the place.
If there were any doubts about that they got stomped pretty hard when he told me things about me and Rook only the two of us or someone with a 6 digit paycheck could know or someone with serious mojo…you get the gist.
You know, he almost got me…but sometimes less is more, pal.
I told him to fuck off, told him if he wanted Glitzy he could try to find her. And in case he did, he’d realize she’d not be alone.

Heh, and I passed the test.
My new mentor pulled quite a brainfuck on me there. My words were good, but he wanted to see what happened when I got some real pressure.
Crow made pretty clear that he won’t stop me from fucking up, nor would there be any handouts to get through life effortlessly.
And when I woke up yet again, with an aching back, thirsty and hungry as hell…even Sofia looked a bit worried, and that’s saying a lot about a rat…
I don’t know, this time I felt that there was someone with me, someone who approved of what I did and who’d look after me, and be it just so he’d get a lot of laughs out of it.

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