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Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Good Ol' Boys

Personal Log - R. Kowalski, PI

Personal log of Kowalski, Roger

She was on her addicts counseling at NuYou, while I tried to make some street contacts. Means I was sitting in my bar the “Old Firehose” at the old Redmond fire departement, with those dancing chicks on the poles and shit. Pjotr was reloading the sixth round, so my revolver was already pretty loaded. We got this new job for tomorrow morning, but I tried not to think about it now. I just watched the floozies and tried to count the empty glasses in front of me.

“Old chap!”, and a hand was going down on my shoulder. “If this is not our Kowalski. Do we still need to salute?” Laughter and two men sat beside me, one on the left, the other on the right. Bulky men with short hair, hard faces. Cops. “Old boy, this is really our Kowalski”, the one with the scar on his cheek laughed. “That original Kowalski that once had commanded us to reopen that ‘outhouse killer’ file.” The other one laughed. “I remember! The one for that we needed to excavate those illegal latrines in the cellar of this low income housing crackhouse. You remember?”

Both were wearing their Knight Errant uniforms. “No, Rico, I don’t remember that one. Please help me, partner.” “That, Sonny, was this cellar where we couldn’t use machinery, do I remember right?” “Oh, I remember. This cellar where the shit was going up to the hip, right?” “And where our unit was checking the whole area with sticks walking in shit to the hip. To find the corpses of those three missing hookers down there, right?” “That’s the case. Man but who was standing up there with his white gloves and didn’t enter?” “Riiiiight. Man, that was our shiny and new Lieutenant Kowalski. That was before the Knights got rid of this pain in the ass.” He felt another hand slapping his shoulder – not so friendly.

“Ah… memories. They make me nostalgic.” Rico, the latino complexion was looking at Sonny. “You know those stinking times are in the past and long forgotten. We really lost track of our old unit commander, did we?” “Yes, I thought after he got his damn deserved decommission he would long have been snuffed at Hard Corps. Hard Corps really take everyone, you know? Even those who really fuck up every time. Man, that stinks.” “Two”, Rico ordered from the barkeeper. “See, man. Homicide, that’s not for everyone, you see?” “Not for us at last. Did you know they had broken up our unit after this really awesome streak of shit?” “Patrol duty. See? Sonny, what did they say when we got that contract for Seattle? They said Rico, Sonny, you two already know the turf, don’t you? But it’s looking you were not lucky in your old homicide unit. I think it would be nice to have you two on the street.” “On the street. That’s where we are, man.” Another slap on the shoulder. “But look, who was going to snuff this old crackhead here. Directly around the corner. Our district!” “That Manhunter, I know. Isn’t that the Manhunter of our old Lieutenant?” “Oh yes. Kowalski! Do you remember Kowalski?” “Ah, good old times.”

The two laughed. “See, Kowalski we are really happy for you.” “Yes, that it’s going so well. You have your own bureau now, see?” “Freelancing.” “Private Dick.” “Sounds really good. Dick.” They shot down their drinks. “Roger, I may call you Roger, okay? So Roger. To the old times. By the way, old times? Do you remember this thing?” “Oh yes. Somebody was denouncing us at internal in those old times. About that corruption thing, do you remember?” “Nasty scar in our files. They could not prove shit.” “No they didn’t. But you know how it is, Roger, do you?” “Old shit stinks long.” “Nastrovje, tovarishch.” “Nastrovje.”

“Boys, I never had anything to do with that corruption accusation. You may put this shitty case against me, but that was duty. You know it too well. And we had a corruption problem, you know? Those missing pieces of evidence. Fucked up crime scenes. The death of Officer McNamara. Jamie.” The two cops were looking at each other. “Jamie. Yes.” They ordered another two. “Poor Jamie. What a shame. Always a tragedy when a female officer dies. But isn’t that a thing that is going through your career file, Kowalski?” “Oh, sorry. No, Roger, wasn’t that like you lost your whole unit at this Rat’s Nest murder? You were the lone survivor, weren’t you?” “Always white gloves, Kowalski. But no hard feelings. Sonny and me, we just wanted to drop by and say hello to an old friend.” “Right. Now that you are in our district.” “We will keep an eye open and give you some backup, won’t we?” “Of course, of course. If you are in some kind of shit, Kowalski”, and he made the ‘phone me’ gesture with his hand. “Just call us, okay?” “Yes. Call us. Bartender! The drinks are on our old friend here.” “Bye Roger.” “Oh, yes. We just hope you make some good money here in our district.” “Yes. And always. White gloves, right?” They were laughing.

It had not been a very nice conversation and I had lost appetite for a while. Even for drinks.

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