Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Grimm Times

a view from a scrying glass

Bony, longfingered hands place an earthen bowl on a table and add three drops of ink from a bottle, turning the water black. The hands pass over the bowl and it turns clear again, giving a view of a clearing in the woods

Five people are sleeping in the grass, wearing simple clothes that hint at medieval times. They soon start to stir. Fog is the first and he probably wakes up all the others because he’s wearing a suit of armor and he’s making a racket when he tries and at first fails to get up. They investigate their clothes and pockets and turn up some pretty weird stuff. Stanley has a wand that fires off stars and a small pumpkin when he points it at a tree while shouting Expelliarmus. He also has a small chest containing little birds with long beaks that seem to sleep. Jet has a small dragon. Zach has a pouch that refuses to open. Nebraska has a chest similar to Stanley’s, but hers contains silver beetles. She also carries a basket that contains wine and cake. She says this out loud, everyone stares at her and with an audible poof she suddenly wears a red cape. The basket also contains a huge knife and a compass.

Fog finds that he also now owns a rather pretty hand mirror. When he starts the Mirror, mirror on the wall-spiel, the mirror loudly interrupts and tells him to not even think about it. He’s not that kind of mirror. But still helpful, he tells them that to find the spirit they are looking for, they need to go through the woods and beyond the mountain. Jet climbs a tree and sees that the mountains are in the south. He also spots the roof of a tower. They set off.

The woods are quite beautiful and peaceful and there’s even a kind of path. Things are good until on both sides of the path, beautiful lights appear. Despite Fog’s warning, Zach and Nebraska go to investigate and play with the fairies. The faeries decide that they like Nebraska so much that they want to take her with them and all grab onto her, trying to lift her up. Jet aims his dragon and after a sharp pull on the tail, the dragon breathes fire. It mildy singes Nebraska and sets fire to the faeries.

After a while, they stumble upon a giant footprint that crossed the path. A chicken, to be precise, just one footprint. Both Fog and Stanley insist that they should leave, like RIGHT NOW. The others are confused and assume it’s just a giant bird. Neither Fog nor Stanley say out loud the name of the person they think is responsible for the footprint, but they finally get the group to move on at some speed.

The path winds through the woods and takes them past a well. Zach takes a look inside and nearly gets brained by a golden ball. Nebraska picks up the ball and the group launches into a discussion whether or not they should keep it or indeed interact with anything they see. The majority votes No or at least Not until we’ve agreed on it, but Nebraska doesn’t recognise that decision and takes another look into the well. A huge frog is just climbing out and tries to catch her with his tongue. Maybe he just wants a kiss, but they never are going to find out because Fog beheads the frog. The body turns into that of a young man, a prince probably, but still very dead.

After another discussion about the wisdom of happily picking up stuff along the way, they move on. A hazel bush is the next stop and at least Nebraska waits until she picks a nut. It opens and inside is a dress. It quickly grows until it’s exactly Nebraska size and, if she’s honest with herself, it’s exactly the kind of dress she has always wanted. She puts it in her basket. Zach picks another nut and gets a stuffed fox. He leaves it in the woods.

It is growing dark and they decide to make camp. No-one is exactly surprised when they arrive at the tower Jet saw earlier at just the right time. It has one door that opens easily and just one window, at the top floor. ‘Rapunzel!’, Zach shouts up to the window and a second later, a long braid drops down. The group has another discussion about how believe causes reality in this world or at least tries to, it’s cut short when the braind winds itself around Zach’s ankle and hoists him up into the air. He gets pulled into the window. The group rushes into the tower and find three intertwining stairs leading up into the dark.



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