Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

It wasn't a lie, it was just bullshit

Sam's Log

What a weird night indeed. Even for our standards.

We escaped the bunker in a stolen military van and hit the road. The only thing I could think of – once I was able to think straight again after the shootout – was that neato tank I got to ride shotgun only a stone’s throw away last week and how it would oblitarate our whole squad in a single magnificent blow. We should come back and steal one of those beauties next time.

Nevermind. No tanks, only helicopters to follow us, so we switched back to the initial plan and got off the van and into the woods to change into a significantly less suspicious vehicel that we parked on the camping grounds in advance. Of course the helicopter spotted us and since none of us wanted to be ripped apart by a gatling gun, this time we followed the “Come out with your hands raised!” command. That is, two of is did. Slicer was determined to bullshit his way out of the situation, which I wouldn’t have thought possible facing an assault chopper, but he’s the military expert and I had to live up to my name as the gang’s “mindbender” again so yeah, we walked into the spotlight, so to speak. The rest of us hid away with a little magical help from good old Adjasou and the stage was ours. To my surprise, the chopper only told us to stay put and ordered a ground team over to check our credentials. Don’t know what I expected to happen, but again, I’m not the military guy.

Some soldiers arrived in a Humvee and had absolutely no clue that we were the droids they were looking for. What. The. Fuck. Aren’t those guys supposed to be professionals?! We talked about hiking and militray stuff and even though my freaking fake SIN refused to do its job they let us go before I even had to turn on the Voodoo. Just like that. Needless to say, we jumped into the car and drove like crazy since there were at least two ghosts searching for us by now and we already invested some unplanned time in this ridiculous crendtials-bullshit that I still can’t get my head around.

Our driving was everything but subtle and so it took about a minute for the local drones to corner us. The car did a great job at not falling apart under suppressive fire and we even managed to shoot two of them down before Slicer drove us right through the checkpoint and out of their home turf. The rest of the story is surprisingly lame: We changed cars once more and drove to the safe house, most of us crashing on the backseats from StimPack and / or drug use and when we finally arrived at a safe house, neither the ghosts nor the Army were waiting for us. I put up a ward and immediatly fell asleep afterwards. The end. Time for a well deserved week of recreational activities and medical marijuana before we tackle act 2 of our run.



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