Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Well all went as planned, so why do I feel like shit? We used the days for preparation, we planned the ways the thing might go wrong, I even gave Maggie her first lessen in how to use her magic. Taught her the art of free falling, how an Adept can use the energy of her Chi inside, to land soft on any ground. As well as the second lesson, I used that one to teach her using the slingshot to feel her body through her Chi for better shots.

In the end we didn’t use any of that. The bodyguard Daniel, that Korean kickboxer, did exaclty what he was supposed to do. Maggie came away clean, Lily was shot down with a doubletap, everyone sceaming. Daniel tried to pull Malcolm away, but astoundingly he managed to escape, running toward me to feel my pulse. “She’s still alive!”, he shouted, “we have to call an ambulance!” You can’t describe how miserable I felt, when his bodyguard pulled him away from me.

Damn, I ruined an almost honorable man. Shit. This is not my way.

I got 4k Nuyen in the end, Maggie 2k. I feel so lousy. The rest of his 50k was divided on the team and some was going to the Mob I guess.

Neil came back from his trip, guess it was a magical jouney or something of these drugtrips shamans do from time to time. He didn’t smell of women, as far as I can say. He held me in his arms, when I awoke from bad dreams I had and I told him.

Maybe it’s more for my own sake than for the sake of Malcolm, but I will try to help him. I could really use a good contact in a big corporation like his, like Federated Boeing. And they even represent the Pacific Prosperity Group, like Wuxing, Samsung and others. That’s a chance for him and for us. And if I’m doing this right, we might be able to pull stunts that will make his 50k loss look like a good investment into a new future as a Johnson in the Seattle shadows.

I will offer him this deal as Saphira, Lily has to remain dead and gone. I am still sleeping not so well, but it is helping a bit.

Maggie did great on the job. She has no problems with a ruined Malcolm. Maybe this thing of mine is a really bad habit, if you’re living in the shadows -




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