Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Me Flapper

Glitzy's Log

Img 20130103 133916Yay, I got down to Edith’s Vintage Clothing to get me a dress to make contact with our mark Malcolm Sanders. The Marigold is a 1920th style establishment that’s the favorit hangout of our mark. It’s (relatively) new, just a few years old and I never heard of it yet. So to blend in the style Edith put me in a green long sleek Charleston-dress, a diadem and a slim coat for the rainy days here in Seattle (are there any others?).

Well I really do like that style and was training a bit of Charleston dancing which is quite a steamy little dance, I’d say, with no less energy than the most dynamic jump-styles I have leaned to dance on the streets. To be a physical adapt is quite a gift if you have so little time to get hooked on such a thing. So I won’t be winning any medals but I hope I’ll have fun doing my part. Why not just play a role but blend totally in it? Do it right, if you do it. Or don’t do it at all, that’s my motto.

So, will I have to sniff cocaine? I hope not because being pregnant and under drugs could not be that good for your baby.

Well, you’d prop asked yourself what the hell a Flapper is? It’s like a style-punk of the roaring twenties. You wear short skirts, wear nothing under your shirt and the stuff is just made of thin silk or so. So I won’t be wearing any armor. Hope I can get my second skin under it. Isn’t that’s what it’s for? Yeah. So being a punkgirl from the twenties is definitely my style.

I will play a horse doctor, hope I won’t have to stick my arm into one during the job, who has some knowledge about a rigged race. My horse will be “Running Gag” and I know that it was treated with some nano-fuckin’-freaking anabolica, means they tuned it with gentech or stuff. So it runs faster and drug tests don’t show it and it’s a clear win.

This I try to sell to Sanders and that I’m broke a bit and hope to get my money up on that bet. But that the mob boss who is rigging the race has forbidden me to do it. Because I’m insider and he doesn’t want to give me money. So I will offer Sanders a deal, after he has picked me up half drunk at the bar, where I was shouting frustrated into my fon at Leo “The Saw”, played by a guy called Mordecai.

And best of all Maggie will shoot me for letting somebody into the bet. Faked I hope. That blood on his hands will be enough leverage to feed him to the mob and an extortion. Together with our cut of money we get from the huge scam we try to pull on him.

No, again. What about Charleston? Do I have to sniff cocaine to pull it off? Cause if I have to I could, I maybe maybe could, become quite chatty and that and talk and talk and go and become twitchy and unrestful. Which is, people tend to say if you believe them, which I don’t, something I should not. It’s not that staying still on a spot for longer than say twenty seconds comes easy to me. Good thing is since I got my implant Datajack I always have the ‘trix to play around and have a game running and that or chat something in, so I don’t have to wear it off with my body. Like in the past. Where I was going sometimes, just sometimes on everybody’s nerves. I personally think I’m really relaxed about things now and am much much more in control than I used to be in my early days, but if you are used to running a few kilometers a day or at least jump, climb or do other sweating feats to wear yourself a bit down to get back on a normal level, this cocaine thing really worries me.

It’s even a bit worse with Tempo. Which is why I try not to take it. I really really could mess that up. Am I nervous? No! No! I’m not nervous about that thing. It’s just that all that money that’s in it is coming from the mob and they should get us, Maggie and me, from our best sides. See that we’re all professionals and that.

Well it’s that Maggie has pulled of some scams in her life, she said and I’m not doing that for my first time. But I usually was just ripping off people I didn’t like. Like customers that were a bit slippery when dealing with stuff and that. Which are most of them to be honest. But I wasn’t in such a big scam, not as far as I remember. Not about so much money, not about that many people involved and a high tier mark.

In my young years on the street mostly I was doing B&E jobs, silent in and more or less silent out, pocket full of stuff and got away unseen. Which was working fine at those times, but the security was going up over the years and the damn CCD cams everywhere. So to survive as a thief was getting harder and harder over the time. That’s why I opened up to the ‘trix and this social engineering hacks or cons you may call it. It gives a lot of more leeway in the shadows if you are not just the best in one thing but you are a bit broader. It pushes up your survival rate on runs, that’s true.

It’s like being the best knife fighter of the world and then you get caught in a fire fight. You can stick all your medals and trophies to your coffin then. And for an adept like me it means being open for new vectors. Okay, there are faces out there, that can do feats I really can’t. That are really the best on that turf, which I am not. But I hope, it will work and be enough anyway. Let’s face it, time for thieves and cat burgling is almost over with this observation level we have now. But if you can combine it with other ways of obfuscation you’re pretty well in business in the shadows.

I think, I’m a bit nervous ‘bout this thing. Yeah. Guess so. A bit jittery, I think. Yeah, better no cocaine. Hope I get into the right swing without. Maybe me being an Elf helps a bit. Which I can’t really get the hang on yet. If there have been Elves they would have lived in the twenties, I guess. What was the name of my character again? Argh! I forgot the name of my character!



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