Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Meow Meow

Glitzy's Log

To serve the art, I’m practicing a lot at night.

No, I’m not talking about the fiddle, I’m talking about the real artist I am. One of my shadier contacts informed me about a big stash of medicines and drugs and I asked if it’s worth it and he said: ooooh yes. It was the length of that ‘O’ that caught my interest.

For a little break and entering everything has to be perfect. So I took off somewhere in the middle of the night. My target was in a shadier district of Downtown, near the docks. A flat that was much too big for just to be for living I guess.

I nicked a car, then an other to get there, because I didn’t like the smell of the first one. And it was one with an awful taste for music anyway. BMW you might say is a nice car. Not if you know the typical client that’s driving it and their collection of music. To be true it was more the music, less the car. The car did okay. I tried out if the airbag worked when I switched it. And stomped on the chips he had for music, hit the alarm with my boot, because the alarm went off when I hit that advertise-sign at sixty to test the airbag. It was a nice soft impact. I like the way BMW does the details. Even if you crash them and wreck them they make a nice sound. It’s not just the motor. It’s about everything. You feel like someone important even in the wreck.

I thought about setting the thing on fire, but my chaotic days are long left behind. I’m not like that anymore. So I left the advertise ‘HIT THE BIG ONE’, that’s about money or something and the smoldering wreckage to nick a meek Ford Americar family combi with no radio at all. Sometimes nothing is better than something wicked.

It was maybe a bit reckless of me to crash when I’m pregnant. But a little crash is something the small ones can’t learn early enough. It’s great joy and I read that it’s important for the small ones to have a happy mother. That’s why I do it anyway. But when I think of it, maybe airbagging is not an appropriate sport, if you are in the forth month.

A workers quarter, a backyard, a nice old-time style building with lot’s of ledges and corners for a good hold. I had this feeling that I was watched from somewhere but couldn’t make out where that was. So I started climbing. Security is mostly concentrating on the doors, I really don’t know why people are so fixated on doors. I seldom enter building through the spots that are intended for that. I was carrying light, with a minimum of tools, no hacking, I wanted to do it old-school. I had reached a window of that flat in the third floor, when I suddenly felt dizzy. I grabbed for my respirator, maybe gas, but it was too late. I slipped and fell.

Had the feeling I was getting smaller or the world bigger around me, when I struggled out of it and landed on my feet on that roof of that car. My clothes landed beside me, I shook myself. Furry paws, I was black. Someone catted me! I hissed angry and looked around. Noone to see. So I grabbed my stuff with my jaws and managed to pull it behind me, to hide it behind some trashcans that I spotted. With a little help of my magic, I managed to pull the stuff that was as heavy as me to that spot and hid it well. I hate it, that so many people around can’t be trusted.

I managed to fiddle for my commlink and dialed for Maggie to get the stuff. You can’t fucking imagine, how complicated commlinks are, when you have paws! Then I took a careful look into astral space just to see the jinx on me. Quickend! Shit! Permanent jinx! Tried to get it off with my anger, but I wasn’t strong enough. Fuckin’ mages! Slipped under a car to watch, what happened next.

I heard him coming downstairs long before I could see him. A run down fella with one of those workers caps. I thought, maybe he’s willing to discuss this issue, so I spied around a tire and made myself visible. ‘Meoow’, I said. He grabbed to something under his coat in height of his hip. So I ducked and ran around the corner. Bullets hitting the wall behind me.

Cats are quick!

I was around the next corner, the night was a mild rain of lost hopes and broken dreams and it had this certain amount of magic in it, that might have to do with that jinx on me. Fuckin’ mages! They’re such snobs! They won’t talk with you and just see in us normal people kind of animals.

So I scampered along, nose and tail high up, because they won’t get me down with such a petty mojo, when I nearly ran into this fat ugly one-eyed tomcat. Me with maybe three or three and a halve kilo, him with five or maybe seven. It’s like having an argument with a troll or something. Just that arguing with trolls is easier because they can be fought with reason. Or maybe not reason but just a lot of words. Which doesn’t help with tomcats that sniff into your direction like they have something in mind with you.

Cats are quick!

I climbed a few dumpsters, jumped to some fire-escape stairs with that fat ugly bastard behind me. It was some wild hunting with much hissing and meowing and finally after a bit more than two blocks I got him off my tail. Not without pissing on him at one of the stairs.

After I had shaken him off, I hid for a time, then carefully sneaked my way back to that backyard. I noticed the tomcat laying low but was expecting me from the other direction so I tricked him.

I don’t know if you ever got jinxed but spells are unpredictable. This one just made me a cat. I had no ware, no effect of anything I had as a human but my magic. Which left me quite weak. Slowly I found my way back to that yard, but nobody was around. So I decided maybe I find a way inside if I climb the roof. Said, done. Climbing as a cat is not the same as doing it as a human. I can’t say that I had much time for practice as a cat, but on top is on top. Found a hole in the roof and slipped into the attic, shaking off the rain and the smell of the world outside, feeling a bit street-alley.

All that stuff in the attic! Old cupboards, forgotten skateboards, broken computers, used carpets, a sofa with eyes… Just the stuff you’d expect. Eyes? Sofas don’t have eyes! And that was the moment a really huge huge huge fucking rat was jumping me. Fuckin’ devil-rats! But alas! I’m a cat! Rats are no problem for me.

But it looked like that one really was outclassing me as the hunter. A wild fight started the rat trying to get me down and bite me, me evading and that thing was so much faster than I was! Nasty little creature. But cats don’t get eaten by rats. Rats get eaten by cats. And I wont be the first cat on the world to let this bugger get an idea who’s boss and who’s prey. So first I managed to scratch her with my claws, leaving some nasty marks on her face. Hissing and jumping over the things in the attic finally I jumped him and got my fangs into his rubber-thick neck. I bit him! And I could feel something crack. The rat retreated into that old sofa where I could hear other rats. So I decided to let it be. To be ganged by a bunch of rats in a small enclosed space is nothing that would enhance my chances of survival and I really made my point.

Don’t fuck with this kitten, punks!

I marked my territory and went off to the door. One of those typical attic-doors with a slit under it, large enough to get two fingers through, large enough for Glitzy-Cat! So you know all that cats getting through doors, now there’s another one. No problem for me.

Finally I found myself in front of his door. Sturdy. No gaps in it to press me through. Damn! And to face a fuckin’ mage from this weakened position wasn’t the best idea anyway, so I decided to retreat. A few climbs later I was strolling through the forgotten streets and alleys of downtown, thinking.

How get off this jinx? A gray van arrived in front of that mages house. A van full of big mean dogs and an ork, that was ringing the doorbell. I watched it from two houses away with the wind from the right direction, so they couldn’t smell me. Fuck it. The only big mojo place I remembered was on Council Island, maybe fifteen clicks from here. I hid from the rain under a bus stop until a bus stopped to let a passenger in. I slipped in and hid below a seat, unnoticed.

For a while. There were just a hand full of people in the bus. The driver, an old lady and Elf and some bums. I checked them astrally and that fuckin’ elf was a mage or something. He had spotted me after a while riding and interested he stood up. I fuckin’ should have masked that shitty jinx on me. I was an astral beacon!

I tried to hide deeper below the seats, but the old lady started to kick into my direction. Saying something like: “Eeeei a black cat!”, or something. It was the moment when that Elf tried to grab me. He had his hands protected by his coat and he was indeed very skillful, but not skillful enough for this cat! I wiggled out of his grab and meowed and hissed and finally it was getting a bit chaotic in the back of that bus.

All people trying to get me and grab me. The Elf casting spells on me, but missing. You might say: he’s trying to help you, kitten!, but do you trust an Elf that you don’t know? A magic elf? I sure ain’t! Most likely he’s just trying to fry me and put me in a basket and hold me as a pet for his zoo or something. Mindrape you or fuck. No, no, no. Not this kitten!

It was getting louder and louder and finally the bus stopped. Most people left with scratches on limbs and me jumping out of the opening doors and vanishing into a near bush.

The light of dawn was already driving the night out when I reached that big mojo place. It was guarded, but not guarded enough to keep a black kitten out in the night. The moment I entered the lodge it stripped away the jinx with a flash.

And I was free! And naked. In the middle of nowhere. No to be precise in the middle of a fucking magic lodge on Council Island, which the Indians wouldn’t like too much, I guess. So I grabbed one of the blankets there, to cover my body and I was lucky to not get caught. I nicked a squaw-leather thing from one of the tourist shops with negligible security, a cheap prepaid link and found my way back home for the next hours.


I lost my stuff, for Maggie didn’t find it. But I will recover it for sure. I hate it, that people can’t be trusted anymore.



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