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Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Out of Sight

Fairy Fay's Log

March 22, 2071 Sunday

I can’t remember much, but the guys got to me just in time. I fought as hard as I could when the nurses came, but they drugged me. The next thing I remember is waking up out on the street, people screaming, total chaos. They got about fifty of us out and we all piled into an old school bus and drove to some clinic in the middle of nowhere.

I felt a bit better after having something to eat and I was just falling asleep with Dawn when they told us that we all had to leave right now, people were coming from us. No idea what went wrong, but we drove to that old chemical plant Fog knows and stayed there. We couldn’t leave the bus because Fog had pulled up a ward, some sort of magic screen to protect us. There was a ghoul and at first I thought Fog was out of his mind when he said that the ghoul was okay, but he really is. He’s called John. He’s lonely, I think. When everybody can see you’re a freak, you’re fucked. At least I can hide it.

Next morning, Fog started to freak because something was happening to the ward and John told us that there were, like, small fires all over it. So someone was searching for us. Later, a couple of little spirits came to visit. They’re totally cute, like someone took a chunk of concrete and stuck some legs, arms and eyes to it. They complained about all the toxic stuff that’s lying around here and said that there were bigger spirits and that they got bullied by them. Fog made a deal with them, they help us and he helps them. He started by scrubbing their back to get all that grime off. And he gave them Karma. Not in that buy now, pay for all eternity kind of sense all those loonies preach. Karma is, like, lifeforce. Maybe like in that old movie I saw one where people learned how to use it for all sorts of weird stuff., like shoot lighting from their fingers. The spirits were totally excited about it and the one who got it grew a bit bigger.

One of the mean spirits wanted some karma, too. He was like this big blop of dirt and rubble. Fog started fighting with him and John helped. Zach threw some kind of timebomb – the spirit first swallowed it like candy and then it exploded, but he just put himself together again. I could see that they were running out of ideas, Fog’s punches did nothing to hurt it, John looked injured and Zach was screaming at Fog to give him the grenades he was carrying. No idea what he was up to, but I couldn’t just sit on my ass and watch them get eaten. So I ran out of the bus, changed and breathed fire on the spirit. He didn’t want to deal with that and vanished.

It felt good to change again, but now all the girls know what I am. I’m not really worried about Fog, he seems okay with freaks. Zach, I don’t think he’ll give it away and Stanley I’m not sure about. But the girls, shit. I just can hope that no-one will believe them or that they have better things to do that talk about it, but man, if I saw something like that, I’d tell everybody. At least if I wasn’t a freak myself and knew how shitty the world is for them already.



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