Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest


Christopher's Log

If this goes wrong, we are all dead. Maybe we already are and just don’t know it yet. If they come for me, I intend to take as many of them with me as I can. But let’s be honest, I’d rather I won’t have to make a last stand. I can’t be having with such things at my time of life.

Babsie and I went to The Cocoon to see what we could find out. If you want unsavoury magical things, telesma or drugs, this is the place to go. And you go there to see and be seen. I’ve always kept my distance, that came in handy because I could give the crochety old magician who’s more arrogant that powerful and he has plenty of power. Babsie was my mundane assistant who does all the dirty work. Which is pretty much what she did because people do talk to her much easier than to me. In the end, we came up with an invitation to a party given by Mikal, a show magician, and a connection to Virgin Mana.I was told that this was the go-to place for questionable telesma, not in those words obviously.

Babsie didn’t turn up much information at the party, but she did fall in love. The young man’s name is Justin. Forgive me, but I am very happy to say that Babsie dropped Kowalski like a hot potato. He had it coming and I was never very comfortable seeing them together. I don’t know what Kowalski was thinking. No, I know very well, but…no. Just no.

Anyway, we paid a visit to Virgin Mana. The owner is the walking clich̩ of a rat shaman and I probably could have sold Babsie to him without problems. We both beat around the bush for a while, but in the end he agreed to sell me dragon telesma. The money was just too good to refuse. When we left, we picked up a trail Рa couple of kids were following us on scooters. They belonged to Virgin Mana, we had seen them hang around earlier. It took a while, but we managed to lose them.

We also called Mike at the hospital and he agreed to meet with us. We were too late or probably just in time. If we had been any earlier, we’d be dead, I’m sure of that. As it was, we walked up to his room a little way behind a woman in a business suit. She didn’t take much notice of us and I pulled Babsie into a storage room when I saw her enter Mike’s room. I cast a spell and watched her shoot him in cold blood.

Christ, I hate this. The woman was part of a runner team and I assume they were the ones the drake has worked with to kill the talismongers. They won’t balk at killing a washed up-magician and a private detective, not to mention a kid like Babsie. It’s possible that they tracked our phone call to Mike or that they are on our track just because we have been poking around their work. If that’s the case, they will come for us sooner or later and I don’t give a nickel for our chances.

We decided to drop the case. We are not paid nearly enough for this, it is way too dangerous. Also, we have enough that we can give our work to the police or rather our employer can do so, if they wish. It’s not in our job description to arrest whoever did this. It’s been two days and so far we’re all still alive, so I hope thr runners are either not interested in us or haven’t identified us. But I doubt that I will get a good night’s sleep for some time.



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