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Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Rationally fucked

Glitzy's Log

Today I was put into the IT department. Finally something I actually can do. But Lisa – not so. “Keep your eyes open and check out how the work is done.” Exactly this I have done.

This whole company is more or less fucking with itself. Like a huge digestion system and in the end everything that is coming out is shit. Like a big shark. So most of the IT is working inside the company. “This is your workspace, you just watch what I do.” The young engineer had made his master a couple of years ago at the MIT&T here in Boston. His name was Marc Neville, “but you can call me Marc.”

“This, Lisa, is the server room. In every of those towers we host a Nexus which would crush your average commlink by factors like twenty. We have connected to the databases of the company we buy up and recalculate the value of the parts. Where our accountants feed prices we can achieve from that into our base from the other side. In the IT we just keep the balance between the two sides of that scale, we are writing programs to automatically and rationally liquidate the machinery, assets, know-how, real estate and value of research and design personal, which we call the professional value. The Rosenbaum Holding Ltd. is one of the leading companys to automatically liquidate assets. Most of our agents are devolped by my team, years of knowledge and experience are put into that”, he proudly presents.

I just see pictures of those killing machinery and someone who is not thinking about if killing is right or wrong, but just if it is rational. My political groups had this funny article A Modest Proposal that they were laughing about, if I asked them why they are so against rationalism. I am very rational myself. I am! But my stomach is growling again and I’m not hungry. There were worse cases of that in history, where you of course would not laugh about. Like Mister Browdy whom I had seen sitting in the visitors lounge again at my arrival.

But he is nice and friendly and I don’t suspect he’s doing this, because he is evil. He is doing this, because he needed a job and gets paid for it. The worst thing of the last century was to defend evil actions by telling everybody: “But I was ordered to do so!” Nowadays people just say: “But I was paid for it!” Who has no choice? But I swallow my little revolutionary down my throat or I will throw up again. I put the revolutionary down when I left for Hong Kong and I won’t wake her up. It’s just, it’s just – it makes me sick, y’ know?

He was showing me around and I understood that the whole thing is like an automatic shark in the financial business. It’s eating and consuming and spitting out parts, that never will be put together again. Not looking for economic ecosystems not looking for human values, for consequences of later generations, it’s just seeing flesh and eating. With a belly of computers that might have more processing power than the human brains on the entire planet. So we are outsmarted by this electronic shark.

We finally were preparing some commlinks for the staff, installing new software, updating and reparing. He showed me how to open them and to get out the memory chip. How to update it and to install the security procedure. I could clearly see he wasn’t used to this work like we are on the other side of the jungle. He was going the high road, where I usually go the faster low road. The road over short cuts and hack around design flaws and security measures. All is smooth and clean and boring here. They even leave the system copy protection of the manufacturer alive. Like it would be an obstacle that you can’t either circumvent or plainly blow to kingdom come. Funny!

“Why”, I asked, “do I have to install every commlink new and don’t install it one time, copy it after that on fifty chips and just change the chips?” “Because you would copy the ID number, silly”, he smiles. I supressed a frown: ‘So what?’ “That would be illegal”, he explained me. “Ah!”, I said and nodded. To kill the living of a thousand people should be illegal, not doing the right thing.

There are not many girls in the IT department, so I had him around most of the time. I never understood why this is still mens world. But I’m quite dextrous flipping the cases open and changing the chips. Sometimes I took a look on the data. Of course just checking if it’s working. But he’s giving me more intel than the ware. “You know, our databases show all external and internal data. From the stock market of our tracked targets up to working hours of every member. Of course I can’t show you the ongoing procedures, but do you see this?” He was showing up some scientific graphics. “The people here are doing a lot of overhours. Nobody is taking vacation at the moment. It’s all on full power and we are evaluating on the most efficient level since many years.”

I tried not to be faster than him. But I didn’t had to fake that I had fun doing it. This finally is a thing I actually do for a living. Without obeying what’s in the interest of the manufacturer. He already has my money, hasn’t he? Or not, if I just take it.

After five hours of installing average corpcrap warez even this gets a bit lame. But I tried to hold on to this because I had to give back my third level admin ID for the IT department, when I left. I knew oh so well what was waiting on me on the upper level.

Fuck Me Hard.

I just buzz through that part. I don’t wanna tell anymore. You think, it could not get worse? It could. They found a way. But I don’t wanna talk about it. I didn’t cry. I just screamed in the toilet.

Analisa wasn’t there at supper. I tried to knock at her door, but she didn’t answer. I’m still there, Analisa. I didn’t go into the shower, I just dropped into the bed. Without pulling off my clothes.



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