Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Road to Nowhere

Nebraska's Log

Our group planned to rape right through fucking NAN! With a van full of True Schok ana fucking big RV, which they said I may drive. They asked us for gear and I said I’d need a Chamaeleon Suit, one of that things that I’ve seen in that simflick “Ninja Nuicance Cyberwarriors”. Flick was lame, cause they cut out all that gutripping and nipplescenes. And I hate when they do that. But they were invisible! SLASH HACK GUTRIPPING (censored-doh)

Still need a mean vibrosword to be invincible. But I had evil masterplan! Going full undercover nobody expects me to carry out revenge rescue masterplan for Dakota an’ Red Eye. Got snatched riding trains with Dakota in fuckin’ screwtown whatever, near Spokane. Dakota an me were Waggonhitchin’ all through country but bad county cops got hands on us, meh they got me but Dakota could have run away, but stopped. Tried ouch-spray into the eyes of dumbass county deputy fucktroll. But dipwit got cybereyes an’ then everything gone sideways.

They needled us an’ then brought to court! Fuckass jury was blind not listening to Nebraska or Dakota, yellin’ an’ accusing and got bitchslapped again until resistance futile. Illegal, said we sinless, we drugaddict was lie! We’ve stolen, we thieves an’ illegal hitchhikin’ an’ we yelled ‘no we not’, but bitchslap an’ gagged after that. Said me an’ Dakota illegal vagabonds and have serve community service and detox in protected facility for own sake. BLAM lawhammered.

Reality different. Needled us badly. Fucked us both an’ worse. Until we no yelling no more. No protest. Just bliss-junkies. Was camp and Dakota and me sure dead if not Red Eye helping. Giving us smuggled herbs, meds, vitamins an’ shit. They’d made us work hard laborwise, sexwise, community fucked. Cause we just Anglo junkie whores, nobody care. Got fucked by at MINI 80yo fart for community service. Needed that for some medical issues I guess. Always hoped he’ll not snuff under me for sure will got beaten up if did.

Whatever. Me free now. Me cyberninja, proto. And got this Rigger-Bad-Ass-Cyber-Leather-Helmet with goggles and suit I’m almost as good as CYBERNINJA. So fuck you NAN! I’m coming over you an’ I’ll fuck you bad this time!

Me no more victim. Nebraska comin’ for revenge. Burnin’ whole fuck’n town down killing everyone in wake.

Okay. That’s plan. Like subtil like I learned, for I’m full proto-runner now. First problem was at bordercrossing. Got that feather in my hair an’ they said I must put away fucking pigeon feather. Man, that’s lame. I deserved to piss on every fuckin’ NAN fragger I see and they didn’t get the joke. Pigeon is like air-rat an’ I’ve fucking Jet when on tempo in pigeon booth. They called it cultral appropthefuck. And I: WHAT? They explained and I understand.

Nebraska is smarter than they know. It’s like snarf someones culture for fun. But they didn’t understand this no fuck’n FUN for me! That’s MISSION! And mission is above pride, so I put feather away. I got right to piss on fuckin’ feather people. EARNED RIGHT BADASS They all liars and rapists an’ pimps an’ an’ an’ false tongues for saying “We nice Eco country” but reality is FUCKIN BAD. If you’re anglo. If you’re girl. If you’re thirteen world is sick ’n shit.

So we were camping in nice place by Honeymoon fuck’n Bay. All part of MASTERPLAN. I’ve been talking to Fog for know he’d understand position. That I wanna help Dakota an’ Red Eye out of sick camp from sicko church, “Lost Souls Reclaiming” fuck you very much which was front and nicesigning for KZ girls rape camp.


Plan this: Fog, Jet, Full-Ninja-Me going in over waterside, swimmingwise which sounds easy. For turning up from water like frogmen and crossbowing all suckers silently, getting out Dakota and Red Eye is a plan that’ll work. Did work in “Ninja Frogmen Commando” gameplay too! Mega SOLID RUNNER PLAN!
People calling me… gotta GO

P.S:: I found this CLIP on archives! That’s so SANE! Totally understand that! What I want! FEATHERS in boxes!



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