Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest


Slicer's Log

Slicer‘s watching a green-haired elf holding up something that looks like a Bumblebee Burger package while a red-haired girl tries to pry it from her hand, kick her shins and scream at her all at the same time. It’s not working so well.

These two idiots are my new … what? Family? Nah, really not. Friends? Maybe. Okay, let’s call it partners for now. But I’m not kidding myself that we won’t sell each other out when things get rough.

I hadn’t really planned to stay in Albany for long. Good for me. After a day of looking for work, I hit the bars and woke up with … someone. I didn’t stay around for a longer look. Shit, that hasn’t happened for some time now, why do I keep doing this? Right, okay, I got dressed while hopping down the stairs and went to look for my bike. It was around, somewhere, I just wasn’t sure where. I had just found it when some gangers chasing a CrashCart wagon hit me with their car. Luckily, a pile of trash caught me, so no harm done there.

I actually fell on top of Random, that’s the kid over there, and someone else hit Frettchen and she came sailing into our trashheap as well. We both decided that sticking round while gangers were having a shootout was not such a bright idea and went to get some bikes. I picked up on the fact that Frettchen is a couple of sandwiches short of a picknick when she pointed her gun at one of the gangers and yelled Shotgun. Don’t do that kind of stuff unless you’re really fast and the ganger was faster. I was faster than he was, though, and that’s why Frettchen still has a head on her shoulders.

I got my bike, Frettchen got one from the gang and we tried to get out of there. Don’t ask me why, but I picked up Random on the way. Okay, yeah, I don’t leave kids in the middle of a firefight. But getting out of there was not that easy, with the gang on one side, some people who looked like Feds on the other, and hey, here’s another gang and oh, the cops have joined the party, too. Frettched drover her bike into a police cruiser and we hid in some warehouse. Had to leave my bike behind, fuck it all.

Some cops kicked down the door to the warehouse, didn’t spot us but shot this guy who was crawling around in the dark. They decided to not mention this detail to anyone, who needs the paperwork. We checked on the guy once they were gone and he was still alive. Frettchen did a damn good job with her medkit and saved him. She doesn’t want to talk about it, but she’s done that before. Medic or something.

The guy was called Mike and he was the driver of the CrashCart wagon. How do I know? His phone rang and we negotiated for a job. Drive the ambulance down to Cape Canaveral and get 12k. We took Mike and just sailed through the roadblock the cops had set up. Florida, of all places. What the fuck. The one place I didn’t want to go.

Apart from the constant bickering between Random and Frettchen, it was an easy drive. A tabbycat jumps on his lap and curls up, starts to purr when he pets her
Oh yeah, Random brought along a cat. She’s called Jonesey. Al we need is a nice house and we’re a fucking family.

Right, anyway. We got to Cape Canaveral okay and figured out that we’re delivering a spleen, stored away in a sealed container. Rich people, right? So we walk into the lobby and get told, wait a minute, the kid’s aunt is on her way, she’s just fixing her makeup. Wait, what aunt? Random hides away in the ambulance and Frettchen and me wait around because we still haven’t been paid. We decide that 12k are not all that much money when we see her aunt coming down the hallway from the head and she leaves holes in the flor with her heels. We didn’t stop to look, but she actually jumped on the ambulance. If you’ve ever seen that old flick, Terminator 2 – I know now how it feels to get chased by the T1000.

We got away and I did my best to lose anyone following us in the swamp. Worked okay. We did meet some people I know and swapped them the ambulace for some beat-up pickup and a load of not telling anyone they saw us. They also promised to take care of Mike and not sell his organs to the highest bidder.

Right now we’re on our way West. I kind of want to see the Grand Canyon and all that shit they have in the NAN, so that’s a good goal. But first I want to get myself a bike again, a pickup just doesn’t feel right. Also, I’m good and tired of listening to all that bickering and Random’s nosy questions. Letting Frettchen tell her some whopper and then nodding with a straight face and seeing her actually believe that Frettchen has a cyberschlong to screw into her cyberpussy if the mood gets her to fuck like a guy – that’s fun for a while. But sometimes I just want some silence that’s not created by switching off my ears.



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