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Random's Diary

I got sick today. I got rubella. It’s not so bad if not for the color of my hair. And I just hope nobody makes a joke about that. It’s just that my legs went gum and then I blacked out. I’m not feeling very sick, but I have to keep in the van and I have a bit of fever.

Dear Diary,

let’s start from the beginning. It’s the first time I have a bit of time to burn on my diary. It’s a nice little program I found on this pocket secretary of mine, which I declared mine a few days ago. When I ran off home I only had a hundred bucks which is not much money if you try to travel to the west coast on your own.

Random Hitchhiker

I have prepared well, have been reading some books about hitchhiking and collected a list of tips. I packed a bag with second clothing’s, an armored parka from one of dads bodyguards and some stuff I need for make the trip. Life is such a drag here. My dad has some im- and export company and he’s someway connected to a local union. But we are no rich folks. Even if we sometimes look rich, it’s with the cash flow my dad said.

The real golden kids at school don’t like me. But I’m good at sports. I tried to get a stipend and a career as a tennis pro, but someone had been bribing the referee on the final. So three of my balls were given ‘out’ while they in fact were ‘in’. And I have some temper issue, I admit. Especially when they are unfair to me or to anyone. So while the game was a setup I just served the referee on his seat a very nasty ball. In the face. His whole seat was tipping over and he splashed into the red sand of the court. I think he was hurt a bit. But I just cried out ‘OUT’ as loud as a could and then I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off.

They suspended me for any pro career in the tennis sport for that. Man, I’m just twelve! It’s so unfair.

This was the final tilt at home. The reaction was not exactly what I had suspected and nobody supported me but my brother Ron maybe. But he had an argument with my father and left home. He said forever. And I planed and executed that, too.

So I made it out with public transportation, found a ride but it wasn’t that far as I thought before the day was over. I just had found a place to sleep by some garbage cans in Albany when it started to become very messy. Some go-gangs were trying to get hold of a Crash Cart ambulance, I found later. One of the first things that happened was me flying through the air and landing in some garbage bags on a wall. I must have hurt that little cat, I call him Jonsey now. But I first didn’t know she was hurt.

An orc, his name is Slicer landed on top of me just a few moments later. And there was a girl, a fairy girl with the name Frettchen, which is German and means ferret. She’s a tourist or something and has green hair and she’s not that a bad person like anybody says, but I think she’s always thinking about sex and she lies to me and is a bit unstable or something. But that might be the fairy blood in her you can’t blame her. But I happen to speak a bit of German, it’s my third language after I had to learn Gaelic. Yeah. I’m Irish and my family was putting very, very much effort into this fact about the things I had to learn. Like playing the fiddle, speaking Gaelic and funny that I think about it, picking locks and that thing. But it’s some kind of tradition they say.

My family is a bit weird. But that’s what everybody says about his family I think.

I discovered that I must be magic of some kind, because I can see things. But I don’t know what kind of magic that is. I didn’t tell anybody but my two friends. Because I don’t think the things at home would have become any better if I told anyone. This is mine and I don’t want that somebody else starts to claim it for his purposes.

I’m dreaming weird stuff since I am seeing things. I told Slicer about that just a few moments before I got sick and collapsed. Dreaming about past, present and future things, but I can’t really see it. It’s like a couple hundred people are talking at you and it’s really really hard to understand who is telling you something. And it’s not words, it’s more like a dream. Pictures and that and feelings and colors and all mixed together. I tried to paint a picture of that but I failed miserably.

We came out of that battle I don’t know how in that Crash Cart ambulance on our way to Miami. No we were on our way to that rocket place Kennedy Space Center. I had some arguments with Frettchen on our way and she’s always pulling my leg. I have started to draw comics of splashed pixies on our windscreen but Slicer has forbidden to paint that thing. We had to exchange the ambulance with a rusty pickup truck after we found out that my aunt Angela is the sister of the Terminator or something. She was waiting for me there and I never have seen her like that. Quite impressing and I really, really suspect that my family has some secrets I don’t know about.

For it’s not normal for aunts to be Terminators. That much I know. Aunts can be a drag because they always want to kiss you and that. But that they jump your ambulance and try to rip the walls of it while you drive as fast as you can is a bit off the normal scale I know. Off like the needle is broken.

Well, we had been planning to change this rusty old junker of a pickup against some dirtbikes and then drive through the country until we get to Vegas. Because I think Slicer and Frettchen fell in love. And they want to marry and then have children. That’s so romantic!

I guess I’m a bit nosy about that and I’m happy that they don’t just fornicate for there’s some hellfire waiting for them. See I’m an atheist. But I’m also a roman-catholic. So I call myself an catholic-atheist, which is fine with me. Because I like the books of the Existentialists, the Russian Anarchists and that. I love books and have been reading a lot. And I really believe I’m an atheist. But nobody says that you can’t be catholic if you are an atheist, because if I was not a catholic I think my family would kill me.

And thinking about aunt Angela, I think that idea is giving me the creeps. So I’m okay with being roman-catholic.

So I told both of them that they can’t have sex because orcs are too big for fairies, but they don’t believe me and telling me some more shit about the things an orc can do. Sadly my pocket secretary is now spamming a lot about porn and penis enlargements when I turn it on. I didn’t watch porn! I was just doing recherche about this interracial sex in form of comics. Which really was icky!

I’m trying to repair that. Maybe when I’m going to surf a lot about the vatican and the pope the porn spam is going away.

Slowly I can accept the name they have given me: Random Stuff because that’s what I had in my pockets. I asked how you get a street name and Frettchen said, I should empty my pockets. Which is funny because how comes that she’s named ‘ferret’ in german?!



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