Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Camera activates. Rusty‘s walking down the main street of the Rat’s Nest. It’s late at night and the street is pretty much deserted, not even the Barrel is open. He takes a left into the maze of alleys between the containers and it for part of the way it would be pitch black if he hadn’t activated his low light vision. He doesn’t really seem to care where he’s going.

Fuck. I can’t sleep, I keep dreaming about the guy fighting to breath, coughing up blood. My hands are all wet and warm because he’s bleeding all over me and I can’t stop it. Shit. I’ve never seen anyone die that close.
Okay, I’m gonna start at the beginning. The day started not bad – I called Sophia and, like I guessed, she had made the job offer without actually having a job. But she promised to talk to her dad and said to be there later that afternoon. Why not. At best, I’d get some hints and maybe some money from a part-time job, at worst her father has no use for some random guy dragged in by his daughter. The Shofners are pretty decent people and I actually kind of like them. Don’t like how they talk about orks, so they are definitely on my list of suspects. They say orks keep stealing from them and maybe they’re right, but they don’t look much further than what the news tell them about the Barrens.

Sophia showed me the farm. She was very much interested in me, didn’t make much of a secret out of it and she kept ignoring any hints about my wife. Culan’s wife. I try to keep as close to the truth as possible with my story, makes it easier to remember the lies. I think I did fairly well, at least the Shofners seemed to like me and after some small problems like the fact that Culan has no SIN, we agreed that I could start as a seasonal worker.

When Sophia brought me to the gate, the guard was just talking to the driver of a truck. Something seemed off, but I couldn’t place it. Sophia talked to the guard and then peeked under the tarp of the truck – and found the seeds for next year’s tomato crop. The driver knocked out the guard, pulled a gun on her and next thing I knew, Sophia was on the ground and I was looking down the barrel of the gun. She might risk her life for those seeds, I was perfectly happy to let the thieves drive off with them.

Sophia had been shot in the stomach and I did all I could for her with my crappy medkit, called an ambulance and the Shofners. I checked on the guard, she was only out cold, but her partner had been shot and he bled out under my hands, nothing I could do. The paramedics took Sophia to the Turner clinic and I don’t know if she’s going to make it. I hope she will. The Turner clinic has a shit reputation, though.

Camera deactivates.


Great first lines- the fact that Rusty had not seen death up close is very real. Well done.


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