Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

So we were hiding out at the fertilizer plant until things cooled down a bit – at least that was the plan. After Satellite Day, people were going crazy in Redmond, it was like a war zone. Some scavengers had come over when things really went bad. Like, oh crap we are going to die-bad.

The Eagles of Revenge had been pissing off the Rusted Stilettos for ages and now they had had enough. They came with, I don’t know, a hundred guys and their mutant dogs to kick the Eagles out. We saw them and for a moment we would have had the chance to just slip away, but then Fog spotted his lost partner Rook right in the middle of the Stilettos and he just ran off, to slip her a note. He almost made it and then they saw him. And they saw us. Fuck.

We were up on the roof of the factory and could see them running towards us, the dogs first and then more of those mutants than I ever wanted to see. I took off to see if I could help Fog, he was running towards another building to get away from the dogs trying to tear him to pieces. The others abseiled down to the ground level and piled into the cars. I was cut off from them, my commlink doesn’t work when I’m a dragon. The Stilettos took some pot shots at me, but missed and I met Fog up on the roof of the house he had climbed up. We went down on the other side and had some time to breathe.

Jet was coming towards us on Fog’s bike and we heard shots and barking dogs in the factory. By the time we had reached the factory, Neb had already cleared the scene, driving Christine like hell was after her. She later told me that Zach almost got eaten by one of those dogs. Kiki followed a bit slower, with a dog on her pickup trying to get into the cabin. I divebombed the dog and killed it, poisoned it. That sting freaks me out. Fire breathing’s bad enough but I always worry that one day, I’ll sting one of my guys by accident. Came in handy that time, though, that dog just dropped dead. Two more came out of nowwhere and I burned one, Fog shot the other. Kiki had crashed her car, but it still ran and when we saw that Wily was driving the hell out of the factory in the bus with the others, we didn’t wait around any longer.

I crawled into the cabin with Kiki and curled up in the footwell. Even with the Stilettos left behind, everybody and their mom were shooting at us, just for fun. By the time we arrived at the Rat’s Nest, we all were more or less in bad shape. One of the Eagles was the worst, the dog that kid had fought with had almost chewed his arm off. Zach had been nailed to Christine with a bolt and when I say bolt, I mean something like a fucking whaler’s harpoon. But Neil and his people got us all patched up. Zoé’s finger had been shot off, but Stanley fixed it…al while being high as a kite on Nitro. And then he keeled over.

Fuck, if I never see one of those mutants again it will be too soon. I really thought we were all going to die. And I haven’t made it out of the sanatorium to get killed by a ganger. We all haven’t made it so far just to die like that. I want to see some more of the world and I want to be with Dawn and I want to see the girls be happy and get whatever they want. Don’t know if that will happen, but fuck you, Stilettos, you’re not getting us.



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