Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest


Bento's Log

Fuck. This is a fucking nightmare. ‘Grab the data courier’, sounded easy enough. Even easier when we got our first look at the guy, he’s just a kid. If he’s more than eighteen, I’m Dunkelzahn. So we wait until he leaves and Joyce says to grab him on the street. Good plan, unless you get rear ended by a garbage truck. Knocked Yana out and Joyce and me ran after the kid, across a railyard.

I got caught in a switch, almost broke my foot, and could only watch while Joyce tackled the kid. Would have been the end of that if the guys from railroad security hadn’t jumped both of them. The kid gave them the slip and climbed over the fence. He’s got guts, I have to hand him that. Just grabbed onto the razor wire and pulled himself up. That must have hurt like a bitch. Joyce had to talk security into letting us go – it’s not like he could just have pulled a gun. Although I could see his hands twitching from where I was standing.

A bit of searching got us the kid’s SIN and the information that he would be leaving Boston soon on a small plane. Doing anything at Logan was out of the question, so we hired a jet and waited at the airfield out in the sticks in North Dakota where they were supposed to land. NAN territory, but we weren’t planning on hanging around. We were listening in to the tower chatter and for some reason, the kid’s plane had an engine problem and was forced to land on another airfield. Smart move.

Wheels up again for us, arriving in Seattle with a couple of hours to spare. Enough to get a good look at Harvey Airfield, another man and some transportation. We waited until the customs officer left, no sense in getting him in the middle of it. From what the customs declaration said, the people on board the plan were just a couple of corporate drones.

Man, we got fucked. First, Yana fumbled his stun spell and knocked himself out. Then, Joyce went berserk on a girl carrying a fucking water pistol, but before he could do any serious harm, he stopped dead and just stared at the three people accompanying the girl. I don’t know if that was some kind of spell or whatever, but he was out of it. Practically started drooling.

We had one more thing going for us, Stacker behind the hangar. But they had made him already and shot him with a flaregun. He’s in the hospital now, with third degree burns and it would have been worse if they hadn’t had the decency to use a fire extinguisher on him. I could hear a bike engine in the hangar and made one last attempt to get the kid. Which might have worked, but corporate drones my ass. The guy who fought me should have been out of it after two blows, but instead he kept coming at me.

I decided to cut my losses and bailed before anyone could call KE. We were supposed to meet at this safehouse if anything went wrong. Yana’s more or less okay and I know where Stacker is. But Joyce? No idea. I can’t reach him, not on his commlink and not at the ShadowSea drop. He hasn’t turned up here and he hasn’t checked in with our Johnson. I did get a call from someone, asking for a meetup at ShadowSea. Someone from the kid’s group. I suspect they have Joyce.

This is TARFU’d beyond belief. I’m going to see what they want from us and then I’m going to do some really creative reporting for our Johnson.



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