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Tennis-balls are little beasts

Glitzy's Log

Breakfast. It’s nearly 12 o’clock now and I’m feeling a lot better. The colors are still massive but most of the halos are gone. Some are still there but I can handle that. Okay, I was running downstairs and slid barefoot to my chair. Analisa was still asleep. “Analisa never eats breakfast”, I was told. I have seen Mister Rosenbaum the first time at all. Total patriarch.

The white rabbit was standing at the door to the room, hiding in the door frame. Then he started to throw chocolate pudding at the people. One of it hit Mrs Rosenbaum into her face and I couldn’t stop giggling up to the point when he hit my orange juice. I was asked what’s the matter and I said, that something has fallen into my glass and I need a new one.

They had lots of meat for breakfast and I really had problem not to barf over the table. Finally after some fruits and more cold water I dared one of the pieces of ham and a bit of dry toast. I tried to talk, but the white rabbit was telling me to shut up, so I better did.

“Do you plan to play tennis?”, I was asked by Mister Rosenbaum. The only one at the table actually talking. “No. Why that?” “Because you wear a tennis dress.” I looked down and found myself in a tennis dress. “How did you do that?”, I asked. “If I’m wearing a tennis dress I should be playing, ain’t I?” “Harold. You are free from work, please entertain Miss Edelstein.”

Then they started to discuss business matter. I didn’t get much of it but that they want to sell. “Liquidize?”, I asked. “You mean all people are on the street without jobs?” To speak without permission seems to be a problem here and my white rabbit really bit on it’s tongue. So I stopped talking, I was not in the mood for it anyway.

But really – that’s shit. I hate when rich people do that. And I am at the moment preparing something. These rich twits have no idea how to fight.

Did I mention I have a black eye? And I’m sitting in one of these hollywood swings with ice on my head? I really did play tennis. Even if I don’t know how it can be twelve o’clock already, I really have to check my Math SPU. The timer sucks.

Suddenly I was the last one at the table, even Harold had gone upstairs to change, while I was stuffing in some of the better digestible food on the buffet. Then I slowly staggered to the winter-garden to wait for Harold. He was already there, when I arrived. I asked me something; I have no idea what happened in between but suddenly I was standing on the court, a racket in my hands and the sun shining. He served.

The ball yelled ‘Yikes!’ and came to me his arms spread ‘huuuuugme!’. I tried. When I was on my feet again I was looking if my nose was bleeding. But it was only a black eye. And Harold, I think, liked the idea to hit me will tennis-balls. I dodged some and won the first game. I found my racket again and started to fight. I hated the little yellow bastards, these fairy bitchy little buggers, that first say they love you and then hit you into the face. I beat them as hard as I could. And Harold stopped joking around and had some problems to get the game under control, I guess.

I don’t remember much of the game. Just the squeaky yellow fellas that first yip, if you hit them, then love you and finally hit you in the face. And I did all I could to just get rid of the shitty little bastards. I had no shoes, that’s why my feet hurt a bit at the moment, I guess they are a bit sore now. But nobody shall say I didn’t fight.

I played until I collapsed. Literally. Last thing I remember was saying if there was some water and there was no pipe to water the court just a fucking robot doing that. And you could not put a robot into your mouth and turn it on. Sounds a bit awkward if I put it like this…

My timer said we have been playing for three and a halve hour, three matches and even if I didn’t do too well I have won. You can say anything about me but I’m not giving up just because the odds are against me. And after recovering in my room – how did I get there? – I was feeling much better. A hot shower and a psychedelic meeting with a seal outside the bathroom that came through the walls later – I found myself in the washbasin, where I had jumped up – I finally straddled down from the basin and went back to my room or better my chamber. It’s more a chamber than a room, I guess. Don’t know what’s the difference but a chamber is an expensive room. As if somebody would have paid a much too high price for the space where a room would have been fine.

I met a Latin american chambermaid in her fifties that had collecting my tennis clothes that I had been loitering around on my way to the shower and excused herself. She seemed nice, but I wasn’t in the condition to talk much yet. I just fell into the bed and my clock again jumped an hour or so. When I came to myself I really was feeling clear in my head. Okay, the colors are still intense, they smell of spring flowers and the sun is still spiraling, but the halos are gone. Most of them. I rewound my recordings of the last evening, to find out what happened.

After I brought us two out of the club, it seems that Analisa still had her drink in her hand. I said something like: “I nearly need a drink!” And she gave me the last halve of hers. So that’s why I’m so wrecked. I put three times of the drugs into my head she had. It’s a miracle I’m not all bonkers at the moment! I could have been seeing things, really. And I should not have been playing tennis…

The chambermaid put me to bed later that evening. I didn’t see much before, because it seems most of the time I had my eyes closed. But I heard me singing I think.

Fuck! I really have to do something about this selling. And about Analisa. This family is really fucked up. And I have to get online and check some things. Will do that when I found some more ice and got online. I went down to the winter-garden, where I note this. Dinner is soon, my commlink told me about the appointment. I just have to find out if we are in a fucking recession or if it’s a boomtime. But I guess last time I checked it was a recession. Lisa fucked up so many things in her life, that it’s time she fucks up this.



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