Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Some stories are harder to believe than others.
This part of a certain story is most likely going to be one of those.
Our tale begins in the far western region of a vast country. There, at the shores of the ocean, a city stood and it was a city of contrast: bright and shining, yet dirty and dangerous; diverse, yet isolated, a playground for greed and villainy, strewn with small beacons of compassion and redemption, gleaming through the struggle of so many.
Within its limits was a small community of people. They didn’t have much, but they were, for the most part, content. Life here was tough, so they became tough as well. Their home was a place of rust and abandoned things. Things discarded and forgotten, but brought back to light and purpose by the Junk People and their Queen.
And among them lived aspirit.
She was a guardian once, but her story is one of rage and sadness. Now, the poison ran deep within her, for the protector had fallen and became an avenger.
However, in a twist of fate, she shattered her shackles and with her new found freedom and the trust of a new friend, the spirit saw that there was yet hope.
With his help, she tried to remember what is was like to be a protector of the living again, instead of a vengeful voice of the dead.
She found solace in her new home, a glimpse of the happiness she once knew, even.
But one day, something threatened the peace of the people’s delicate bubble kingdom.
Balance, ever so fragile in this place had been upset, first by men without true faces, who took away the most precious thing from the Queen of the Junk People: a little stone, more precious than any jewel, for it was her son, Cobble.
Bound by fear for the life of her son, she could do nothing against the greedy vultures, swooping in to drive her people from the Fields of Abandoned Things.
There was unrest, turmoil.
The spirit couldn’t bear to see her home descent into chaos and suffering, she had seen too much of that. She had tied her fate to this soil and so, free as she was, she offered her help to retrieve the Queen’s son.
And she was not alone in her will to restore balance to her home.
The task ahead was dangerous, something a light heart surely could not bear, yet still, an unlikely company had gathered:
A Girl of too Many Words from the uncivilised lands of the Midwest, clad in a cloak of mirrors.
A Disgraced Bandit, cursed with a jaw and an arm of iron who sought to regain glory and respect after his clan banished him.
And the leader of this band of brave souls, a Troubled Sage of the Junk People, honorbound by a deep friendship to the Queen.
Well, actually, he wasn’t that troubled yet, but given the company he was in and the way that was ahead this was soon to change…
These four had to go to the temple of a dead machine god, a temple that became a prison. First for the god, then for people.
This is where they would find the Queen’s son.
First, though, they had to find a way in.
And this way, led through a city, underneath a city



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