Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

[Recording Session, Session ID SEA#0003]

After fleeting static the recording starts. The cam focuses on Frettchen, sitting on top of her Volkswagen van, cybernetic legs dangling from the roof.
She offers the camera a glance but is busy pulling small bloody shards of safety glass from her arms and lower torso with forceps from her med-kit.
‘Hello, Doc.’, she greets the AR projection, her voice distorted by Seattles’s tame but steady coastal wind. Though roughed up, the elf seems genuinely happy.
‘To put it into words you prefer, Miss Aidee, you look way too jazzed for your current condition.’, the bald Psychiatrist comments, frowning with a hint of worry. ‘If you are in need of medical attention, please say “Yes” or don’t touch the Icon in front of you for 5 seconds…’
‘Calm down for fuck’s sake…‘, Frettchen replies and gestures towards a red exclamation mark with a timer. ’And you have no idea…’, she adds, snickering like the program just made a joke only she understood.
‘Very well, Miss Aidee, then please give me an idea.’
Wrapping a bandage around her left arm, the elf suddenly bursts with laughter, a roguish gleam in her eyes. ‘Sure, Doc… You see, I thought about what you’ve said. My current employment is kind of a necessity you know and I don’t get along that well with my co-workers…’
The Doctor flips a page in his notebook and nods. ‘Yes, the… “Racist Assholes”, if I remember correctly. Please continue.’
‘As if you could anything but remember that correctly… Anyway, the money’s good, but it’s not what I ENJOY, you know what I’m sayin’? So I followed your advice and put my many other talents to good use.’
Frettchen inhales sharply as dislocated joints snap back into place while she twists her shoulder. ‘I mean, that’s the greatest reward, to do what you love and get some meaning outta it, right, Doc?’
Scribbling digital notes, the shrink gives her a doubtful look. ‘I cautiously agree with you, Miss Aidee. And I am glad that you took my counsel seriously.’
‘Thought so. I figured it would be a good idea to borrow a garbage truck and crash it right into the favorite bar of my drekhead…colleagues… Man, you should’ve seen it! I shit you not, that was AWESOME! Bullets, whiteboys and car wrecks everywhere! Then there was this fucking cyber-dog and Santa Claus with riflemen racists in tow and thisliving caricature- nazi! And the best thing is, it’s all over the news!’
The psychiatric program slowly lowers his notes, slightly slack-jawed.
Frettchen takes a deep breath, regaining some composure.
‘I mean if 90 percent of your so called staff consists of racist assholes and borderline policlub members, you gotta make clear you ain’t take crap, right? It’s good for working atmosphere and all that. I even wanted to drag this ork-guy, Ruckus, into this…’ She lowers her voice and grins joyfully. ‘He fuckin’ HATES me!‘, the elf tells the program conspicuously, ’…but at least he’s a meta as well and I bet you my Honda that he would’ve appreciated the gesture.’
‘Miss Aidee, are you intoxicated?’
‘Not anymore, I’m afraid…‘, Frettchen replies.
’Besides, you should not endanger yourself or those around you like that. As per our confidentiality agreement, I will not inform the authorities.’ , the doctor says in calm routine ’ However, you have serious issues and I must confess I DO in fact diagnose an alarming regress in our therapy.’
‘Oh, come on, Doc…’ the green-haired woman intervenes, but the software just keeps talking.
‘I fear your psychological condition is beyond my competence, Miss Aidee. I recommend more professional help and I will gladly provide you with highly rated addresses…’
Frettchen angrily stares at the projection, struggling for words.
‘Forget it, Doc. I’ll only talk to you, and that’s that.’
The Doctor sighs in resignation, scribbling another note.
‘As you wish, Miss Aidee. Then what would you think if we resume the anger management sessions…’
‘Are you kidding? I’ll never stop being angry…‘, she refuses, content, almost affectionate. ’Let’s take a break, okay, Doc?’



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