Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Camera activates, takes a moment to adjust to the level of light. It’s outside, a fairly sunny and warm day, judging from the fact that Rusty‘s not wearing his leather jacket. He’s holding a beer bottle and drinks now and then. May not be his first, if his slightly slurred speech is any indication. From the view of the area, he has probably climbed up on his container and sits with his back to the street. The Rusty Barrel’s is just visible in the background.

Last night, a couple of kids snuck into the Nest and tried to…I don’t even know. Tried to hold up Neil, I guess. They wanted to steal drugs from the Clinic to sell for money. They needed cash to pay for Tempo. How they thought they’d get Neil from the riverside to the clinic without people seeing them, no idea. Even if the clinic were still in the Nest.

They didn’t get far, someone shot their legs out form under them with a slingshot and I think I have a good idea who that was. Messing with Neil’s bad enough, but messing with him when his woman‘s around – go shoot yourself in the leg and save us all the trouble, why don’tya. A couple of our guys brought them to the Barrel.Growler and Neil talked to them one by one. I think Neil spilled some blood in the Barrel’s backroom to make them think that we had worked their friends over and that got them talking quickly.

He gets up, a little unsteadily and walks away from the camera, out of frame. The sound of breaking glass is just loud enough to be picked up by the camera and when Rusty walks back into frame, he holds another, full bottle. He seems to have lost his thirst, though.

Nest rules are hard and ‘I didn’t know’ doesn’t cut it. So when it got light, we threw the kids into the cesspit. It was my turn to help and I did. I had to punch the first kid to make him let go of me, he was that scared. He couldn’t swim. Two almost made it. But after we had pushed them back in when they tried to claw their way up, they went under. The rule is, you have to swim the length of the pit. Their leader made it. He crawled all the way to the bridge, sobbing and just barely holding it together. He was smart enough not to try anything. He wanted to, though. If hate was a gun, we’d be all dead.

Rusty hasn’t looked up at the camera since he sat back down, kept his head down. Now he looks up, his eyes bright and he has to take a deep breath before he can go on.

I just fucking hope the kid tells everyone he knows about this. That they’re all so scared that they won’t try to mess with us no more. Then this shit was good for something except killing a couple of kids.
He reaches out and deactivates the camera.



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