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We can be Heroes

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New Flock
- 11 -
We can be Heroes – Just for One Day

[Start Audio]
[no time stamp]

Don’t have much time.
Zach fucked it up.
Large scale.
This was almost too much. Everything was fine, we’d just have to lay low for a while.
Then…first, he gave ‘the data’ – our leverage to make Carl Orgymaster Fedderson keep his end of the deal to fucking Unwired. Then he tried to personally call him to ‘keep up the pressure’.
Thing is…I don’t so much blame him for screwing this up. I, of all people should know, that when you hit the ground running, anything but a helping hand will make things worse.
But trying to lie about it? Playing it down? Risking all of us for what exactly?!
Fuck…he’s really likethat annoying little brother I never had.
I’d drop for these people, but he seems to take that way too literal.
Now all deniable assets a man in Fedderson’s position could rally were breathing down our necks.
We were hot, as was the clinic. Yet.
So If we didn’t want everything we held dear to kick the bucket we’d better get outta here.
And I might just know the place…

[End Audio]



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