Aillén O'Brian

ID Forger


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Archetyp ID-Forger
Qualities Analytic Mind, Uncough
Atrributes B2 A3 R3 S2 C2 I5 L5 W3 Edg2 Ess5.8 Init8 IP1
Skills Artisan(Photography) 2, Cracking Group 4, Electronics Group 4, Disguise 2, Etiquette(Matrix) 2, Forgery(False ID) 5, Negotiation 2, Palming 2
Knowledge Bureaucracy Hacks 5, Databases 3, Matrix Hangouts 3, Police Procedures 3, SOTA Identification Technology 5
Interests Photography 4, Matrix Legends 2, VR Sculptures 3
Cyberware Datajack, Image Link
Gear Hermes Ikon /w Novatech Navi, Sim Module/hot and Software, Leather Jacket 2/2, Pepper Spray
Friends Líng Bái (Interest Photography)
Rival Han Solo

Aillén O’Brian came to the Nest because they needed someone who know how to maufacture IDs and forge other stuff. With most people SIN-less, that’s an important skill. Aillén lived at the Plastic Jungles at the time, but when she tried to steal Neil’s commlink, she was kicked out by the leader of the community she was living with, despite the intervention of her foster-mother.

The offer the Nest had to make was way better than living (and probably dying) on the streets and so she agreed to come with them, after some discussion.

She is distantly related to Conor and has a sort of hate-love relationship with Han Solo.

Now in her early twenties she may be considered good looking but she doesn’t care too much. She is a computer geek with very few interest in social skills and is the bad example of what comes from anti-authoritarian parenting done wrong in a Hippie-Artists community and a father who spoiled her. She plays the Celtic harp in the Rusty Barrel.

On the other hand she knows her craft well and nobody doubts that she’s a real artist in what she’s doing. Like her father taught her she is more a copycat than really in inspiring originals and expression about her inner feelings. But she has a sharp eye for details and understands a lot about the connection between things that are needed to produce a convincing forgery.

You might assume most good artists are also well developed social characters, for they usually know their feelings, can feel those of others and have learned to express them. Aillén instead is like a geek looking out for details, analytical up to the destructive and a bit sarcastic, which she calls to be “just the truth”. It’s easy to like her from distance but hard to stand her when you have to spend a few hours in a room with her and no way to catch some air. It’s not going so far that you’re hate her, you just stop talking to her because everything you say will be analysed and put together in the most negative way of interpretation against you.

She is competitive with anyone, especially with boys that try to outsmart her and easily goes into a show-of, insulting or threatening her rivals inside her area of competence: art forgery and hacking or anything about computers. Besides this she is reckless trying to reach her objectives and shows a lack of empathy with her “victims” that she beats on that path and seems to have low understanding for how far she can go with something.

She was raped by Hard Corps during the raid on the nest together with Faye’s girls. Since that she has grown quiet and bites her nails when nobody is watching her.

March 2071
Aillén has been manipulated by unknown means into giving away several thousand credits. She’s the second person in the Nest this has happened to after Liz. Neil found the same unusual brain activity Liz showed, vaguely similar to the victims of the Matrix Surgeon.


“For a girl?! I’m good for a giiiirl?! Damn, asshole, jack yourself in and I kick your sorry excuse of a brain from here to Chiba city and back. Jack!”

“No it’s not a good forgery. It’s a perfect forgery. And you pay double for it now.”

“What do you mean with: ‘I needed those files!’? They were wasting the storage space on my server and the new project is going to load a few seconds faster if that’s free space. Get over it. Don’t waste my drive space with shit and after the garbage collect went over it come whining about ‘lost files’. No. I don’t run a discovery for you. I run a hard erase, if you insist getting on my nerves, loser.”

smiling “Maybe I can help you if I get your password for your commlink. Okay. Done. Your system is loading faster now. What? What files? There were no files.”

“You like boxing. Yeah. Thought so when you entered. You’re just the kind of guy who has supressed homosexual tendencies and likes to watch sweating men beating the crap out of each other. My tip: out yourself and you feel better about that, man.”

Aillén O'Brian

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