Elven prostitute and member of the Working Girls


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Archetype Nomad, Prostitute
SIN Vera Atkins , Fake 4, Drivers Licence, Weapons Licence, Tyrell Staff ID, Metroplex Bus Ticket, Highschool Diploma, Library Pass, Basic Matrix Service, Basic DocWagon Service
Age I’m eighteen! Fuck! We Elves just look like fifteen. Always.
Gender female
Race Elf
Karma 3
Size 172
Attributes B2 A4 R4 S2 C5 I5 L3 W3 Edg3 Ess6 Ini8 IP1
Qualities Natural Low-Light(Elf)
Dry Addict(moderate, Novacoke)
Drug Tolerant
Resistance to Toxins(2)
Skills *Athletics 3, *Stealth 4, Free-Fall(Break-Fall) 2, Escape Artist 2, Perception(visual) 3,
Con(Fast Talk) 2, Impersonation(Elf) 2, Negotiation(Bargain) 2, Etiquette(Street) 2,
Performance(Acting) 3
Computer(Matrix Search) 3, Hardware(PAN-Devices) 2, Locksmith(Maglock) 2,
Pilot Groundcraft(Bike) 2, First Aid 2, ,Survival(Urban) 2,
Archery 3
Knowledge Gang ID3, Places to Stay 4, Street Rumors 3, Travel Scams 3, Street Drugs 3, Local Area Knowledge 4, Local Police 3
Languages English N, German 3
Interests David Bowie 4, Shopping 3, Old 2D Movies 2, Comics 2, Being Nosy 3
Gear Cracked Metalink /w Vector Xim 1112 Basic set of programs, prepaid Basic Matrix Service and a hunk of music and music clips of David Bowie
Weapons: Pepper Punch Spray, Switchblade, light CO2 crossbow /w laser pointer, integral folding stock, 20 bolts, 8 taser bolts
Big Purse with Urchin Survival Kit, cheap cosmetics, bigpack of condoms, pregnancy test
Metal Restraints, Lockpick Set, Packet of Chewing Gum, RadioShack Electronics Tool Kit, Goggles /w IL, VM, cool Sunglasses, black ballistic beanie, SimRig, Trodes
Outdoor Survival Kit
Drugs: Packet REAL Marlboro
3 Checksticks /w 15 nY
Cheap Clothing, sexy Miniskirt, ripped Tanktop, Boots, Hardrain Cape(opaque)
Armor Jacket (Bundeswehr Parka 8/6)
Lifestyle Squatter
Contacts Kowalski, Roger (Private Eye), Virgil (Pimp, Crimson Crush), Raven (Dealer, Hung out to dry), Thekla the Troll(Sexshop Vendor)
Molly’s Corner: Marbles (Ork, Hooker), Loco (Pimp)
Rooftop Squatters, Washing Center: Sweep (orc, squatter, barista)
Antiques and Oddities: Ticks (dwarf, fixer)
Kids Corner: Nebraska (14, prostitute, blond), Wily (15, prostitute, neonred), Zoé (17, prostitute, brunette), Fairy Fay (15, prostitute)
Member of Working Girls, Justin (Boyfriend, Student of Magic)

Working at the corner under Kowalski’s office, the young elven prostitute is fighting survival in a world that has no mercy for a girl like her, alone on the street. She’ll do anything to survive or to get a way out of the path that for her only can end in the gutter. She’s street smart, knows the who is who of the streets she’s working in and has her own agenda.

Cocky and feisty sidekick of Kowalski, Roger, started to do her first own case in March ’71, legworking in Touristville, Redmond.


“Hey, sweetie. Do you like elves?”

“I have happy hour. For you only today try-out for ten.”

“No. I’m not fifteen. I’m eighteen! We elves look like this. Always. No shit! Won’t get any older looking, like those old hags on the other corner. Those must be over twenty. You can park your Americar inside.”

“My name’s Babsie. Just Babsie. It’s from an old book.”

“Five bucks and I tell you where you can buy crank, if you need some. You look nice. Are you from Japan? Special price for you only forty. – Fuck off, wanker! No touching without pay!”

“Really. You have some crank, have you? I’m coming down hard. Just give me some crank and you won’t regret it.”


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