Hobo with a Shotgun


Bort is a dwarf, looks like shit most of the time and is probably somewhere in his late 50s or early 60s.
It’s really hard to tell with dwarves, alcoholics and army veterans. And he is all three of those.

He usually keeps to himself and squats various places in the Barrens or near Squatters Mall.
Recently, he seems to feel at home among some tribals as they know jack-shit about tech and he actually does.
If he’s not drunk or otherwise busy, he enjoys entertaining kids more than anything and they sure love his puppet theater sessions and his rickety old spider tank, Mister Skitters, always clanking alongside the old veteran.

The drone is a decommissioned model, probably older than ten years and clearly a military piece of hardware.


September 2071
Bort gets hired by Slicer to teach Nebraska about rigging.


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