Caidian Tong

member of the Rat's Nest hackers

Archetyp Novice Hacker
Race/Ethnic Human/Chinese
Attributes B3 A2 R3 S2 C3 I3 L4 W3 E5.64 Ini6 IP1 MIP2
Skills Computer 3, Data Search 3, Hardware 2, Software 2, Cracking 2, Etiquette 2, Perception 1, Pilot Groundcraft 3, Pilot Aircraft 1
Augmentations Datajack, Sim Module
Gear Goggles (w/ IL SL), AR gloves
Commlink Novatech Airware (3334)(Analyse 3, Armor 3, Attack 3, Bio-Feedback Filter 2, Browser 3, Command 3 ECCM 2, Edit 3, Encrypt 3, Medic 2, Track 2)

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Caidian is the second child of his parents who were naming him with the traditional name “Color TV” in Chinese, which means the amount of the fine for breaking the one-child-law. He is one of the two Chinese hackers that work under Ningbo‘s supervision. He’s a kid of about sixteen or seventeen but what he’s lacking in skill, he is compensating with his ego. There is no glacier he can’t melt all by himself. Nothing can stop this young Chinese hacker. He is good looking and he knows it. He is the James Bond of the data trails. Not like the geeks you usually find among his kind.


“Ni Hao.”

“I’ll do it. Better than you.”

“Deus was just an amateur. He lost, right?”

Caidian Tong

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