squatter at the Funhouse


Cash lives at the Funhouse. She has spent most of her life there and is a firm believer in its philosophies. Her experiences with the world outside the Funhouse are limited, though. She has work here and there, whatever took her fancy, but so far she hasn’t found anything she really can do well or wants to do for any length of time.

She was one of the kids that were original taken from the streets by Glæra, give education, job opportunities and philosophical training for being a crucial member of the Funhouse. She has a datajack and was working as a cashier when she first met people of the Nest. She’s around sixteen years old at ‘71. She doesn’t know her exact age.

June 2071

She meets Rusty and despite her belief that relationships and love are just bourgeois scams, she has a huge crush on him, like only a teenager can.


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