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Archetype University Student
Qualities Positive: College Education, Trust Fund(10)
Negative: Poser Elf, SINner(1)
Attributes B2 A3 R2 S2 C3 I4 L3 W2 Edg3 Ess6
Language English N, Japanese 3, Sperethiel 4, Or’zet 2
Skills Perception 2, Dodge 2, Computer 2, Data Search(Public Archives) 2, Artisan: Dancing(Clubdances) 2, Con(Seduction) 2, Negotiation(Bargaining) 2, Etiquette(Corporate) 2, Gymnastics(Pilates) 2, Running(Long Distance) 1, Pilot Ground Craft 1
Academic Knowledge (+1) Magical Theory 1, History(UCAS) 1, Geography 1, Architecture(Elven) 1, Sociology 1, Literature(Poetry) 2, Law 2, Local Politics 3, National Politics 2, Megacorp Interests 2
Street Knowledge Local Politics 2, News(Mainstream Media) 1, Clubs 2, Live Events 2, Campus Gossip 2, Frat Houses 2, Simsense Trivia(Bollywood) 1, VIP Gossip 2
Interests Elven Culture 3, Elven Wines 2, Elven Soap Operas 4, Fashion 2
Gear Fancy Clothings, Commlink(2) /w Sim-module and Standard Programs, Purse /w Lipstick, Cosmetics box with small mirror, Powder, Pepper Punch, Condoms, Girl Stuff etc., Trodenet, Checkstick(300), Credstick(real) /w Drivers Licence, Membercard for The Daisy Chain, Student-ID
Music-Library(Elven Gothic), College-Books, Fashion Magazines, Love Novels, Some SIM-Chips
Lifestyle Medium, DocWagon(Basic), small flat on Campus(Capitol Hill)
Contacts Whistler’s girlfriend
Addiction (Tempo, medium)

Cecile was first introduced by Whistler on the 26th of December during the Christmas dinner at Glitzy’s Farmhouse. She is a young woman of about seventeen, with long blond hair, that studies New Languages as major and Magic as minor on Seattle Campus.

While she might be smart she’s naive and influenced by mainstream media. On that evening she was mildly high on Flipside, which is the reason why she recognised Neil as someone magically active and ignored Glitzy as a “mundi” the rest of the evening.

She has had a minor “ear-job” lately and is a Poser-Elf, who is trying to impress people with magical knowledge and her Sperethiel.

June 2071
Cecile has been living at the Rat’s Nest for a while now, after Whistler’s death, and has been trying to fight her addiction as best as she can. But she is slipping.


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