Christos Vangelis

Trideo Pirate

Archetyp University Student, Trideo Pirate
Cyberware Datajack, Datalock
Gear GMC Hermes Van (Delivery Van), modified as a mobile kitchen H-1 Acc5/10 Sp100 P1B17A6S2, Sony Emporor /w Novatech Navi (cracked)

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Christos is a Greek-American who drives a van of the “Athene ‘Greek Kitchen’” mobile kitchen/restaurant. The van is a typical camper type with build in kitchen and they sell the meals on a port to the side. One of the many that feed the Seattle cubicle workers around the business districts on the streets. Why is his surname the same as the name of the owner of the Greek restaurant? If his dad knows what his son is electronicly piggy-backing when doing the delivery job?

He is member of the Trideo Pirate Group Unwired.

March 2071
Unwired was wiped out by a group of unknown runners after getting involved in the run on the Maria Magdalene Sanatorium. Christos had to work that day and so he is still alive.


“Do you like your Moussaka hot and spicy or with garlic dip?”

“Oh my god! I think we are being followed! Drive! Faster!”

“Calm down, Mira. Those thugs are only kids… They can’t possibly be from the government. I’ll try to throw them off.”

Christos Vangelis

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