Claire Bellefleur

Squatter at the Rat's Nest


Claire has a long history with her best friend Splash. She was recruited from the streets as a squatter by Petrovski Security as a corporate goon, a cheap labourer with implants that made them into programmable workforce.

Living in the barracks of Security Corporation she was drilled to work as a cheap guard on personal intensive jobs as a replacements for real guards. The whole idea was coming from Tanaka, Hirohito, who made career with it, because it saved his company a lot of money for wages.

Squatters are cheap and replaceable. Splash and Claire were upgraded to “princess” status which means that they got implants that enabled them to coordinate the goons from their operation center at the MCT tower.

Certain events pushed the two girls more and more to the edge of their little community, first of all Splashs excursions into night life and Claires freedom of sexuality. Both kinds of freedom were unacceptable for the corporation who dropped them clandestine into the hands of a brothel where they were planned to be made into Bunkaru joygirls, working for the Yakuza.

The girls fled the shadow clinic at north Redmond, battled their way deeper into the jungle and stranded in the Nest, more dead than alive. Since then they have been working on their revenge and before anything the next refill package for their small fridge.

Claire, now without software for her skillwires, has had a hard time making herself useful. She has started to help Maggie and her baby, is keeping up morale and does what she likes most – messing around. She always was more a partygirl than anything. She tends to bluff her way through with little lies that help from time to time if the shit hits the fan. Her natural charm makes her a very social character that is going good with people.

Right now there is a bounty to her head.

January 2071
Claire starts working at the Nest’s school

Claire Bellefleur

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