Archtype Yakuza noncom
Character A 1,85m half Japanese/American 25 year old Yakuza with blond hair and green eyes. He is most noticable wearing his bright red coat.
Language Japanese N; English N
Places to find him Yoshiro’s, the streets on a job or just wandering around
Interests Japanese Mythology (1), Dancing (2), Singing (2), Card Games(1), Wandering(1)
Contacts Hisoka; Futaba Ken; Toshiya Mamoru; Tachibana Ryuichi, Kawamura Shin; Yamakawa Sae; Joanna “Dee” McKenney; Nonomiya Kenta; Yamazaki Fuuta
Atrributes Bo3 Ag4 Re4 St3 Ch4 In3 Lo3 Wi3 Ed2 Ini7
Qualities Bilingual, Erased, Martial Arts (Kempo), Sensei; Bi-Polar, Distinctive Style(Clothing), Lost Loved one, Phobia (Thunder/Lightning, of being alone), Poor Self Control (Compulsion, has to answer truthfully when directly asked)
Skills Athletics: Climbing (1), Gymnastics(Rolling) 3, Running (2); Close Combat: Blades (Cyber Spurs) 3, Unarmed Combat (Kempo) 5; Electronics: Computer(Commink) 1, Data Search (Public Archives) 1; Influence: Con (Seduction)(3), Etiquette(Yakuza) 2, Leadership(Persuasion) 2, Negotiation(Bargain)(3), Survival (Urban)(3); Stealth: Disguise(2), Sneaking(Motion Sensors) 3, Palming 1, Shadowing(Tail Evasion) 3; None: Escape Artist (Cuffs)(2), Intimidation(Mental) 2, Perception (Hearing) 3, Pilot Ground Craft (Bike) 3; Street Knowledge: Street Gangs 2, Hidden Routes(Seattle) 2, Underworld Seattle (Yakuza) 3

Cyphar slipped into the whole Yakuza scene when he was ten years old. You would think as a half japanese he wouldn’t survive the first week, but soon proved that while he has a almost happy go lucky nature, he has a will of iron. He worked himself up in the Yakuza world.

If you asked the people around him, they would definitely say that he’s a bit of a weirdo. He likes to smile a lot, talks a lot and runs a lot. He never seems to get angry and always smiles in the face of insults. If you really sit down with him and talk, you realize that he is a down to earth person who knows that the world is screwed so much that the only way to live is to live as you want. He is smart and has a sharp tongue, but hides the venomous meaning behind nicely shaped words. He likes children a lot and doesn’t like women that much, but he is at least polite and friendly to them. It’s a mystery what that man thinks, but not that hard to find out if you ask him directly. he hates people who are impolite so when someone he knows shows disrespect to someone without a cause he corrects them swiftly.

As a half japanese, he had his share of prejudice and hate but that doesn’t bring him down. His motto? “Like who you are; ’cause sometimes you will be the only one who does.”

He has two people who sort of have to do what he says, Tachibana Ryuichi and Kawamura Shin, who were assigned to him a while back. he had his fair share of trouble with these two.


“So what? You don’t like me cause I’m half? Well, I don’t like women, but you don’t see me walking around putting bullets in their heads, do you?”

“うそ~!!!!” (uso~!)

“Hmmm, weird, I’m fluent in english, but I could swear your talking nonsense now.”

“ざんねんですね” (zannendesune)

“Did you just challenge me? Oh Boy, you really picked the wrong day to mess with me, I’m so not in the mood to deal with a kid who thinks himself all grown up and ready to face this ugly, filthy world and playing with the big boys. Now, I think the best way is to turn this into a lesson you will never forget. First Lesson? A flapping tongue is a loose tongue. Now you can choose, should I use a knife to cut it out or use my bare hands to rip it out of your mouth?”


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