Member of the Russian mob

Archetyp Vory Shestiorka, Russian Muscle
Qualities Bilingual, Guts, Toughness, Made Man, Code of Conduct: Sworn Soldier
Negative: Too smart for his own good
Ethnic Kazak
Language Kazakh N, Russian N, English(Cityspeak) 3
Gear Heavy Pistol Ares Predator + Extra Clip Regular, Armor Jacket 8/6, Black Sunglasses(2) /w IL SL, Sap(STR/2+1)S, 1 Dose Cram, strip-ties, nice 200 nY suit
Commlink CMT Clip (2) /w Standard Programs, Electronic Paper/Book /w Russian Literature
Attributes B3, A3 R3 S4 C3 I4 L4 W3 Edg3 Ini7 IP1
Interests Literature(Russian) 2, Philosophy(Existentialism) 2
Skills Clubs 3, Computer 2, Data Search(Public Libraries) 1, Etiquette(Underworld) 2, Intimidation 4, Negotiation 2, Pistols(SA) 2, Unarmed Combat 3

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Dimitrij is a member of the Russian Mob and works for Jury Medwedew as an enforcer and guard. He watched Neil while he was held hostage and the two of them talked about books, of all things.
He’s called the Greek, because of the books he likes to read.


“Russian? Don’t let him hear you called him a Russian. Does he look like a vokda soaking lout? He’s from gods own country. He’s a Kazak!”

“Don’t know why they call me “The Greek”. Have you ever read Dostojewski? You look studied. Intelligent man. Maybe we talk while we wait."

“Where do you want to have it? See, it’s not personal. This is just business, Tovarishch.”


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