Doug "Offline" Tucker

troll bounty hunter

Archetype Bounty-hunter
Race Troll
Qualities Animal Empathy, Quick Healer, Resistance Path/Tox, Gremlins(1), SINner, Uncouth
Attributes B8 A3 R3/4 S8 C2 I3 L3 W4 E3,25 Init6(7) IP1+1 Phy12 Stu10
Skills Archery 3, *Athletics 2+1, Blades(Knifes) 1, Clubs(Batons) 2, First Aid 3, Longarms(Shotguns) 3, Perception 3, Survival 2, Tracking 3, Unarmed Combat 5
Knowledge Cop Trids 3, Crook Hangouts 3, Lone Star Procedures 4, Parazoology 2, Poison Antidotes 2
Languages Sioux N, English(City) 3
Cyberware Cybereyes(3)(FC, LL, TH, SL, MAG), Cyberears 2(Enh 3, Damp, Flt 3), Wired Reflexes 1, Synthacardium 1
Gear Erika Elite(3334) /w Standard 3, Extendable Baton, Stun Baton, 2 Survival Knifes, 2 Shock Gloves, Bow /w 20 Arrows, Mossberg AM CMDT /w Smart 10 Clips Flechettes, Ruger 100 /w bipod 10 mag, Remington 990 shotgun /w 50 slugs 50 flechettes 50 gelrounds, 5 Th Smoke, 3 Flash-Packs, Lined Coat(6/4), Fake SIN 3 , 4 Plasteel Restraints, 2 Containment Manacles, 20 Security Tags, DocWagon Gold
Vehicles Toyota Gopher (Heavy Duty Pickup)
Lifestyle lost middle, recently gone to low, living in a small run-down warehouse compartment in Renton that is also his office and is protected by the local gang
Contacts Private Investigator Michael Chase, Fixer Big Ed Daddy, and other from his past as a cop

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“Offline” crossed the path of the people in the Rat’s Nest when he followed an easy looking bounty, where a corporation was looking for two former members of their staff, that were accused of stealing and corporate espionage. The client was Petrovski Security and the two culprits were Splash and her friend Claire Bellefleur, former security goons for the corporation. The true story behind it was much more difficult and the two girls had a lot more backup than he suspected.

So he lost his Mossberg and a lot of his toys when a Rat’s Nest team showed up to free one of the girls from his capture.


“Vicious Paracritters on the loose? Escaped murder on the run? Rebellious daughter ran off with a ganger again? The Bounty Hunter’s the guy to call. The ultimate stalker, he lives for the thrill of the chase – the thought of pitting his skills and his customized toys against the instincts of a dangerous animal or criminal is what makes him happy to get up in the morning. He’ll track down prey of any variety – two-legged or four-legged- as long as the pay is good. He’ll hunt ‘em down and bring ’em back alive, hunt ’em down and bring back the body or hunt ’em down and just bring back a souvenir. Rest assured, the Bounty Hunter always gets what he’s after.”

Doug "Offline" Tucker

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