Dr. Patrick "MadPet" O'Connor

brain surgeon


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Archetype Shrink, Streetdoc
Age 38
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Ethnic Irish

Paddy is working in the Catholic Community General hospital and is a poor but well respected psychatrist, well shrink and brain surgeon who is consulted in cases of serious dysfunctional behaviour of patients. He lives in a run down apartment complex in the poorer quarters of Auburn, a block controlled by the infamous Night Crawlers.

His flat is small and not much bigger than a room, a kitchen and a bath. He’s doing some extra work for cash at the Maria Magdalene Sanatorium, to help out doing some small helpful brain surgery, aka lobotomy, if the girls really freak out and are a threat for themselves and others.

Dr. Patrick "MadPet" O'Connor

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