member of the Ragers

Archetype Ganger
Ethnic Ork
Contacts Gangmember of Ragers, Sister Terry

Unlike his little sister Duke is a massive Ork with muscles like a troll, a bald head and bull neck. He’s a monster of an Ork and a member of the Ragers. He has crossed paths with people from the Rat’s Nest twice. First at the Heckle & Jeckles Chicken Shack, when the Flowers had abducted his little sister Terry and he waltzed in with his gang to get her back. That put a dent in Glitzy’s and Neil’s dinner plans and wrecked the place.

The second time he and Terry came across Maggie near the Safehouse, Tacoma-Five. She had brought Christos and Mira to an old school bus to get them out of the way while the others were meeting with the rest of the Unwired group. Maggie tased both of them.


“Oi!, breeder! What do you do on our turf? Criminal activity, sup? This our turf. Ya pay now. How do you like it?”

“Terry, I hold him for you. Kick as ya can!”

“No, Terry. You are my sweet sister. Nobody beats this team. You smarts, I muscle.”

“Hey Terry, this one is looking as if he had enough. You mean he’s faking? Okay, I give him some more to make sure.”


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