Russian Female "Talent Scout"

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Faye is of Russian ancestry and speaking Russian with Ukrainian accent, as well as English with a distinctive accent. She’s not doing this because she hasn’t the choice, it’s good for her image. She sees herself as a talent scout and what her girls and her do in the Matrix is Art in the virtual space. They form their bodies into living sculptures, with whom you can interact, who you can touch and feel. Where others may just see VR prostitution Faye clearly sees this from a different perspective.

She doesn’t act like a prostitute, she would never consider to sell her body to anyone. The sort of service her team and her offer is more a sort of mind massage. Or spiritual escort. They are not just offering sex, they are offering a world of illusion where they make any dream their clients have come true.

And this, argues Faye, which of cause is her artists name, is true art. Indeed their service is more than just selling their bodies. They let their clients come into their mind.


“Hey, pretty, I like your style. Do you need fast clean money? Do you have the soul of an artist? We can try your imagination and we still have one spare bunk in the container.”

“You can argue all you want. It’s art if you create an illusion in a virtual world. We sculpt the reality with our minds. It’s something no geisha can do, no escort can do, and none of those nice words for prostitutes can deliver. I studied arts and dancing at Moscow university! That’s not something anybody can do. It’s perfect control of mind and body. And besides it’s good, clean money. Credits don’t tell how they are made. We make them from our fantasy.”


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