Futaba Ken


Archtype Yak Noncom

Race: Human

Gender: Male, 31 y. o.

Attributes: Kon 4 Agi 3 Rea 3 Str 3 Char 3 Int 4 Log 4 Wil 4 Edg 2 Ess Ini 7

Skills: *Athletics 2, Blades(Katana) 3, Computer(Commlink) 2, Firearms (semi-autometics) 2, Etiquette(Yakuza) 3, Negotiation(Bargain) 3, Infiltration 3, Shadowing 3, Dodge(Ranged) 2, Perception(Visual) 3, Pilot Ground Craft(Bike) 2, Leadership 2, Con 3, Intimidation 3, Underworld Seattle (Yakuza) 3

Language: Japanese N; English 3

Qualities: Blandness, Perceptive; Poor self control (vindictive), prejudiced (meta-humans (outspoken))

Contacs: Hisoka (his Boss), Cyphar, Toshiya Mamoru, Yamakawa Sae (yak doc), Nonomiya Kenta, Yamazaki Fuuta


Futaba Ken is a sly and arrogant man in his early thirties. He doesn’t believe in open confrontations but underhanded tricks to destroy his opponents. Just looking into his eyes tells you that he is an intelligent man who knows how to survive – at all costs.

He works at Yoshiro’s and while looking unassuming and rather boring, he is a dangerous man who you just don’t want to cross or enrage.

His underlings are Nonomiya Kenta and Yamazaki Fuuta.



“You don’t seem to be very smart, otherwise you would have shut up ten minutes ago.”

“Sometimes I don’t know what went through their heads, letting you in, but let me tell you something. You mess up, I mess you up, understood? If you believe that everyone gets a second chance in life, then your not only naive but stupid.”

Futaba Ken

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