Glitzy's son

Archetyp Boy, Technomancer Wunderkind
Qualities Bilingual, Analytic Mind, Technomancer, Born Rich, Guts, Resistance to Pathogens, Day Job(School), Low Pain Tolerance, Pacifist, Reality Impaired, Jury Rigging
Attributes B2 A3 R3 S1 C4 I4 L3 W3 E4 Res3 Ini6 Ess6
Matrix-Attributes Ack 4 Sleaze 4 DP 3 FW 3
Stream Sourceror
Fading: Logic + Resonance
Sprites: Code, Courier, Crack, Data “Goggles” and Machine “Sir Scatterbrain”
Complex Forms Transcendent Grid L-3, Editor L+2, Resonance Veil L-1 (Illusion), Data Spike L+0 (Option Tantrum)
Skills Tasking 3, Computer(Matrix Perception) 2, Software 2,
Hacking(Devices) 3, Cybercombat 3, Electronic Warfare 2, Hardware 3
First Aid 1, Automotive Mechanic 1, Armorer 1, Animal Husbandry 1,
Pilot Groundcraft(Bike) 2, Pilot Aircraft(remote control) 2, Performance:Keyboard 2, Artisan:Cooking 2, Outdoor 2,
Gymnastics(Baseball, Climbing) 2, Running(Sprinting) 1, Swimming 1,
Etiquette(Street) 2, Leadership(Persuasion) 2, Negotiation(Bargaining) 2,
Perception(Visual) 2, Shadowing(Tail Evasion) 1, Intimidation(Interrogation) 1, Locksmith(Pin Tumbler) 1, Pistols(SA) 1, Archery(Slingshots) 1, Thrown Weapons(Overhand) 1, Exotic Ranged Weapon: Spray 1, Unarmed Combat(Parrying) 1
Escape Artist 1
Academic Knowledge History(North America) 1
Professional Skills Criminology 1, Police Procedures 1
Street Knowledge Local Area HK 1, Local Area Snohomish 1, Underworld Politics 1
Interests Cannibalize Hardware 4, Baseball 1, Motorcross 1, Matrix Games 2, American Culture 3, Chinese Culture 3, Extreme Sports 1, Famous Thieves 1
Languages English N, Cantonese N, Gaelic 2, Portugese(Macista) 2
Gear School Uniform(3/1), Survival-Kit (Knife, Lockpick, etc, things kids have), Pepper Spray, Sling-Shot, Urban Explorer Jumpsuit with weaven biomonitor and music player (5/5), Contact Lenses(2) AL LL Filter+Enhancer software(3), Earbuds(2) AL Dampener Filter+Enhancersoftware(3), AR Gloves for playing his VR piano, Baseball-Bat+Hand-shoe+Ball, Medkit(6)
Vehicles *BMX Bike
*Enduro Evo “Rogue” 50cc, Handling 2/4 Acc15/35 Sp70 m/Kr (85kmh) P3/FW5
B3A2S1 50kg 4ltank, Options: Multifuel, Offroad Suspension, Smart Tires, Size Customized, Motorcycle Gyro (+2 Crash), Pilot Upgrade, Firewall Upgrade, Gridlink(Pilot Bonus 1-2 to situations heavy traffic, collision avoidance…), Gridlink-Override
*Lockheed Optic-X small drone; Imp Takeoff/Landing 2, H4 A3 Sp75(4) P3B2A2S3 looking like a Turkey Vulture, -3 being spotted
Commlink Novatech Airware /w Iris Orb (3FW5) in CMT Clip Casing, with full set of Standard-Programms, ECCM and Sim-Module, Trodenet(Baseballcap), VR Games, VR Pet(Dog), Music Library and a VR Tutor Program which is an Agent(3) “Bouncer” /w Analyse, Purge, Armor, Attack(Ergonomic), Track, Spoof, Scan, Software-Suite(3) Metacomm
Contacts Glitzy (mother), Neil Munroe (Interim Daddy), Hawkeye (Daddy), HIC 1/5 “Confederate”, EVO (Pet)
Girlfriend Tegan
School Lakeview Academy (ex Snohomish High after privatisation)
School-Kids Aiden, Lucas, Wyatt (Baseball-Jocks)

Born around 2059/60 in Hong Kong, he must be around twelve years old. He seems to be well-educated and shows good manners with the looks of his mother in his eyes and red colored hair of the Irish, going with a vivid and playful attitude. Often when is asked questions he answers boldly but exchanges looks with his mother while doing so. As if he was instructed to hide certain facts of his life carefully from outsiders. With no outsiders around he is more careless and really lets off steam. He never lies or if he does nobody ever caught him lying.

He seems to be the kind of adventurer boy.

When in his school uniform he is very careful, which changes if he’s allowed to change into his daily clothes, which are a lot less posh. Since he returned from the last time he spend with his father he seems to be aware that his mother’s food lacks some finesse compared to the cuisine he got served during the last half year.

Sometimes he seems a bit lonely because he lacks friends and gets especially curious when he hears about other kids of his age. In Hong Kong he grew up with a lot of friends in the neighbourhood that he had to leave behind when he moved to Seattle with his mother. In those times he goes on adventures. He owns an above average commlink, that his mother put in an average design and has learned to use it. When contacting his friends in Hong Kong to play games he is using the software his mother gave to him. He avoids AR constructs as if they were real.

It’s not easy to be his mother’s son. Maybe that’s why most runners don’t have any kids in their life. But Glitzy knows that things are sometimes hard for him and does a lot to help him around the edges and until now has always found solutions for his problems. She loves him very much and shows it, protects him where she can and he doesn’t seem to notice how different his life is. But you can easily see that she’s on her edge to do this all alone.

He seems to wish for a dog of his own and he likes to watch motorcross racing on trideo since he’s back. Something he didn’t before he was sent to his father.


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