Glitzy aka Saphira

Courier Girl, Fixer

Archetyp Courier, Fixer, Hacker
Race Female Caucasian
Ethnic Irish-American
Identities Glitzy, Saphira, Cameo, Lilith Conway, Luisa Dodgsen, Alice Johnson, Reed, Gwaipo, Sprite, Lisa Edelstein
Matrix: Amy Johnson, Amelia Earhart and many many more
never used anymore E-Gee, Cocoon, Deidre, Pebbles, Carolina Lewis, Alicia Wonderland, Andrea Yablonski, Boadiccea “Velvet Paw” Coldwater, Lollipop(don’t remind her)
Qualities Adept(Invisible Way), Black Market Pipeline, Linguist, Perceptive, School of Hard Knocks, Inspired, Catlike(which she hides under tom-boyish behaviour)
Dependent(Child), Day Job(as a Fixer), Pacifist(1)
Family Fynn (Child), Ronald “Ronny” Winters (Brother)
Friends Neil Munroe (boyfriend)
Connections Ningbo (Hacker), Big Ed Daddy (Gangboss), Triad-Connection to Hong Kong
Places to meet Saphira: Matrix/Battle of Britain
Glitzy: Glitzy’s Farmhouse, Seattle Clubs and Runner Bars, (illegal) Extreme Sports-Events, on the road, meeting contacts, Rusty Barrel, Art Galleries, Shady Jeweller’s, suddenly driving surprisingly expensive cars or bikes – even if you know that she’s almost broke
Skills Negotiation(Bargain) 4+2, Etiquette(Street) 3+2, Con(Impersonation) 3+2, Navigation 6, Pilot Groundcraft(Bike) 3+1
Street Knowledge Local Area Seattle 4, Scams 4, Fences(HK) 3, Gear Values(Electronics) 4
Professional Business(Small) 3, MegaCorp Politics 3
Interests Extreme Sports, Irish Whiskey, making too expensive presents, Jewels, Arts, Irish Fiddle Tunes
Idiosyncracies She’s pulling herself very fast out of any political dispute, even if she started the thing herself, agitated
getting things seems for her a lot easier than keeping them
smart, cunning, talkative, speedfreak
Languages English N, Cantonese(Cityspeak HK) 4, Portugese(Macista) 3, Sperethiel 4, German 4, Spanish 4, Vietnamese 3, Salish 3 and a lot of others, seems to have a knack in that

She is logging about her life

Glitzy showed up at the Nest as a courier driver who was doing a delivery for the fixer “Saphira”. She’s a slender young woman in her mid twenties with flaming red hair and green eyes, both colors too bright to be natural.

She’s the typical light-skinned, freckled Irish caucasian type but a bit too skinny or slender for her one-seventy size. If she had pointy ears you could take her for an elf, which of course she is not!

First she arrived in the Nest on a very nice Suzuki Mirage racing bike, but switched later to a Yamaha Growler crossbike, the Mirage was not the right bike for the place. Besides her little backpack she’s just wearing an overall that seems to be able to switch colors, it’s usually brightly colored as a courier in typical blue and orange with reflectors.

She’s not carrying visible arms or anything that would be bulky enough to be visible from under her overall but maybe a taser that’s on her belt which also carries some small boxes with her stuff. She wears no accessoires but a small silver cross around her neck and an engraved datajack just behind her right ear that she wears proudly like an expensive piercing.

All her behaviour is telling you she’s deep street, even if she seems to have caught some manners over the time.

Whatever your first impression might be of Glitzy, she’s more than you see on the first glance. In fact she playing her game in Seattle as a smalltime fixer, trying to get up to the better jobs.

Both identities – Glitzy the Courier and Saphira the Fixer are never mixed up by her. While she’s streetwise as Glitzy she’s professional and Matrix orientated as Saphira. Keeps her distance, tells people she’s sending a courier and even manages to interrupt herself by talking as both people to support the illusion. It’s not the only choice of characters she has, those two are just the best she has to offer. Doing this she keeps herself out of the equation, the distance means safety for everyone, should Glitzy be caught the woman behind this remains unseen like a ghost. Saphira likes to present herself as a second World War spitfire pilot inside a Sim-Game “Battle of Britain”, where she has a secret backroom where she is inviting her guests. Her online Icon is designed like one of the famous female pilot characters of that time, her first character was Amelia Earhart which she replaced recently by a Amy Johnson , because she found the name stunning. She’s playful and usually gives much more room for bargaining about prices after she has been flying a little dogfight with people in her Spitfire against the cheating huns. This may sound a bit arkward but it’s her way to find out more about her clients. How they react under stress, if you can rely on them as a wingman and if or not they follow orders. Or if they’re going to cheat.

After a long time history on the streets of Seattle she got a bit pregnant and found it was time to switch location, after her history was catching up with her. Some very bad things happened in those days and since then she’s been on the run. After living in Hong Kong for six or seven years, she came back to her favorite “Emerald” city, Seattle. Her international connections to the Hong Kong shadows and a Chinese smuggling network makes her a well connected fixer for electronics and cheap weapon ripoffs, which she does as the fixer “Saphira”.

She tried to start off with cheap weapon deals, cause it was fast and easy money, but the ATF was breathing down her neck cbeause of some hot automatics, so she had to drop the bizz lately, which leaves her without her main income. It was not her style anyway, cause she had bad dreams about her six year old son, Fynn, about that bizz. She’s not doing drugs, not doing wetwork and is very careful with anything that might make too much noise in the shadows. Maybe because of her son, maybe because she doesn’t want her past to catch up again.

She’s an adept and was once one of the best thieves on the market, okay, covert ops you may say, but that’s not to the point. But she took herself off the market to spend more time with her son. Worked hard on her social skills while she was playing her game in Hong Kong and found it was time for a field test. So she’s at the moment trying to guide up some new runner gangs, organising runs. She knows a lot about the shadows, had been a runner herself. And if the Johnsons are not coming up with work, she’s looking herself for jobs that can be done and make profit.

Her change in career puts her a bit in the middle of everything. She may be a first class thief, but as a fixer that’s not the thing that counts. But at least she always was wiz with electronics and hacking to give her some edge over her competition. And that’s exact what she’s trying to do – a bit of everything, between the lines of street and corporate world, changing herself from the one to the other and blending in. She might not be really good in this like an expert, but she’s good enough to make it work. And she’s really trying hard and be fair with her runners and had once a “Miss Johnson” herself who called herself “Lisa” who she is trying to be like her.

But whatever doubts she might have about her abilities in this dangerous game between the lines she never lets people peek into her cards. She bluffs her way through the shadows and tries to be the straight fixer that runner really want instead of the sleazy type that rips them off in the end they always get. Maybe she’s a bit optimistic about her ability to change anything, to make a difference. Up to now she found herself always on the wrong side of a gun and things went sideways in her life.

She started as a runaway on the streets of Seattle at the age of fourteen. Running from her family at that time… Whatever.

When she tried to help Neil Munroe, the Doc, to find out more about his magic abilities, some magic went sideways and it could have gone badly, but both ended up having a hot affair and starting a relationship.

With this she got into a moral conflict between just being a fixer and self-involvement, it is actually compromising her neutral role as a fixer a bit. So she suddenly finds herself telling Neil the truth about her role and in the end she gets more and more personally involved with the affairs of her clients. For example she has to work as an interim school teacher for the Nest until a new one is found and helps Maggie to find out more about her magic herself.

This is the first time she has a permanent student like that and it’s putting a lot of additional stress on her. She actually has no idea how she can do it, but will try to bluff her way through. Isn’t that the way life works?

She moved into a vacant house in the woods at Snohomish about twenty minutes away from the Nest which she removed from the lists of vacant houses. It’s squatting on a high level, but in the end the house is not hers, it’s just hacked, even if she is starting to act as if she’s owning the place now. Glitzy is not that kind of wealthy ex-runner you would expect. Her account crashed so often that she’s happy when she can pay the next tank of gas. So she’s driving on the reserve and always pinches the next half liter from a car in the line at the next stop for the time to the next stop and hopes nobody notices and nobody cares, figuratively spoken. Maybe sometimes literally.

Moral Issues (Pacifist)

Well, if it would be easy to live in the shadows as a pacifist, there would be no need to talk about it here. She doesn’t kill people deliberately but she knows only too well that in a world of guns and cyber-implantat weapons people get killed anyway. But if you have a problem and you reject the idea to simple put a bullet in the guy as a solution, that makes life interesting. Especially since the average guy on the streets of Seattle doesn’t think like that.

In fact there are times when only a bullet can save the day. And she’s not so naive anymore that she doesn’t know that.

So she is no tree-hugging pacifist that will give you the other cheek. But she’s the one that gives you a kneecap and not a headshot for that. Or a nice reminder and a dance with her taser.

It’s not so complicated as you may think to sell this kind of pacifism. Less trails of dead bodies mean less heat on the streets after you’re done with a job. To keep things quiet and to prefer a trick over brute force is her way to deal with things. But if she needs to draw her weapon and you find yourself with a gun to your head, don’t assume she’s just bluffing. It could be a deadly call if she’s convinced this really has to be done. There’s nothing more deadly than a righteous person who does a thing she hates and just wants to get it over with.

Recently Happened

During a solo run in Boston, where she worked undercover she acquired a huge sum of money, that she started to spend on the Nest, people she loved, business opportunities as a fixer, to build up her image in the shadows and a fair amount of luxury in early 2071. More parties to come. During this shopping frenzy she acquired her yacht, the Dragonfly , which she took out to a ride with her friends at late april.



One of her projects when she was living in Hong Kong before the crash was experimenting with AR. Her idea was a living environment, that is making her living environment interesting and unforseeable. So she started to code some nice things that were self-programming and experimented with evolutionary code. Nothing special. But then, after the crash EVO wasn’t the same anymore. She is caring about that little project since then and ignoring the change that might have happend. For her it’s just a hobby. In fact EVO has evolved into something more.


“Ya, you can buy that shitty piece of hardware, but see, this commlink isn’t up to date. If you pay up a thousand bucks on this, you can have the new Novatech processor and I would give you a decent browser for that for free. Of cause for the price ya should not expect to get the real deal. It’s a knockoff but it’s working perfectly well. I have tried it myself… Until… Have you seen the next years model? Of cause that will cost you something extra.”

“This is the delivery from Saphira you ordered. Sign here. Where’s my tip?”

“See, people, this is an easy job. I don’t expect anything funny and it should not go sideways. Just keep the game low, no trail of dead bodies or burning neigborhoods, kay? You get one third in advance and the rest for delivery. If something happens: call me! I really mean: call me! I will try to help you out if you don’t fuck up too badly. Of cause that costs extra, but I tell you it’s worth it. If you happen to find ‘lost’ things – leave them. These shitty little gems that you pinch on a run are just the traces a good hacker needs to find you. It’s not worth it. If you really can’t resist, sell it to me afterwards, don’t sell it to some idiot in the bargain basements. That’s the way coffins get nailed. The idiot may pay up more than I do, but if I buy it, I have ways to sell it traceless. If I don’t buy it – destroy it. And if I say destroy I mean destroy, not just dump it. You know what the Nest does with the garbage, do you? It will pop up again.”

“You need a safehouse? You asked just the right person. I have one at hand. Just pay the standard price and I mail you address and keys.”

“Nice ride, man. Is that a quadro turbo injection there? Gosh, that must be fast. Can I take the thing for a test ride? Ah. No worry. I’ll drive safe and sound.”

“Hey, man! About your car… Your airbags don’t work right, that can kill ya, you know? You should bring it to a garage. I parked it at that latern here, I give you the address. Thanks, man!”

“Hey boys. What? ATF? You’re joking, no? That’s cool! I’m just here to buy some donuts. Do ya have some? No! No! I’m not the one you’re looking for!”

Glitzy aka Saphira

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