Gangboss of the Scrappers, owner of the pub "Rusty Barrel"

Archetyp Gangboss veteran
Ethnic Caucasian, Male
Qualities Toughness
Cyberware right Cybereye(2)(LL, IR, VE1, SL), right Cyberarm(+3B +3S +3A +3AR Monofil-Saw), Wired Reflex 1, Plastic Bonelacing, Datajack, Nephric Screen 1
Uses Information, Muscle, Connections
Places Rusty Barrel/Rats Nest
Friends Neil Munroe, who can be considered his Consigliere
Contacts Scrappers, other gang-leaders and street-level contact as well as there are rumors of ties to the Irish Mob

Growler is a street veteran in his high fifties. He wears a rough armor jacket and proudly shows the gang colors of the Scrappers, Gray and Rusty Red – he’s holding together the lot. From Irish origin his hard manners, but his fairness, too, are as well known as his pub “The Rusty Barrel”, where he’s serving his moonshine “Poitin”.

As fast with the shotgun under the bar as with good advice for his friends and comrades he is something like the heart of the Scrappers while Neil a long time ago has made himself the mind.

In an event long ago his right body side has been damaged, so he shows a scarred right side of his face as well as a cyberarm on that side. A decent boost for battle and the hard life on the streets has taken their toll in form of cyberimplants that he’s proudly showing with a humor as rough as his beard. Growler is getting old and isn’t too fond of going out into battle anymore. He’s giving his young soldiers the chance to do so instead and has already tried to pass on the leadership of the Nest to Neil, who had been resisting a long time already.

But now with his failing liver and an other implant that has just saved his life in the nick of time Neil also feels that Growler is right and it’s time to step up. But the other factions of the Nest will try to battle about the leadership. While the Irish will support Growler and his protegé, the Chinese will try to get their man into the position, because their struggle with the Vietnamese in the Nest has been ongoing for years and just Growlers diplomatic skills had been avoiding an open war.

Growler acts fatherly to some members, especially Maggie, but he has no idea how to handle kids in general, so he miserably fails the task and retreats back behind his bar every time he tries, hoping nobody notices.

The nephric screen implant that replaced his liver and saved his life also cuts him off from getting drunk like a tinker. A thing he doesn’t like too much and that he’s blaiming Neil for. If not openly he reminds him with small sarcastic digs of that issue.


Rivet, a friend of some sorts
Big Ed Daddy is an old acquaintance of him.
Neil acts as a sort of Consigliere for him, even though or precisely because he is not a member of the Scrappers
Also, the Mafia


“Hey punk! Not inside the bar! I said go outside or I’ll wipe the scattered brains off my walls just after we dealt with this!”

“Did you try my new brew. It just was dripping out of the destille. I managed to put out the flames this time…”

“Hahaha! I didn’t know that one chap. Now. Did you know what the one with the french, the british and the irishman? When they tried to find out who had the best booze?”

“We have to deal with that Pica problem. Anyone here who wants to take that into his hands, men, and make himself a name? They’re only kids but they have guns. So come back in one piece and don’t give Neil too much work, do you listen?”

“Lads! Play Drowsy Maggie for me! Play!”

“Happy birthday to you, Maggie. Fourteen! Now you are a real woman, aren’t you? … Oh. Okay. I better get back behind the bar, have some issues with the espresso machine. It’s steaming lately.”


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